Lenny loves…New year, Improved me


Personally, I am not a massive fan of New Years Eve, just seems a bit over the top. However, as it falls on a Monday (yesterday) I thought I would take the opportunity to start afresh.

2017 was a bit of a rough ride, ups (moving into my own place) and downs (splitting up with my boyfriend the same weekend) and real downs (when my anti-depressant medication wasn’t working and I literally thought I was having a breakdown!). But 2018 will hopefully bring a whole new set of challenges and adventures, so bring it on!

To start the year off I changed my name! Well my last name, back to my maiden name. It was all pretty easy via a deed poll, so once this comes back in the post I will be able to start the arduous task of changing my name on all my cards, bills etc.

Secondly, I am back on my weight loss journey. Getting on the scales yesterday morning was hard, and the figure it presented was not a weight I ever thought I would weigh and it is not a figure I am ever going to see on the scales again, well apart from the airport scales for my luggage!


I am also starting a new role at work. I am moving to work alongside the Head of Food for a 3 month secondment and if all goes well it could become a permanent move. A nice new challenge for me and a role that I can really get my teeth into.

My focus for this year is just to be me and the best me I can be. I need to really focus on my mental health and well-being and get my depression and low self-esteem under control.

Hopefully, I can have some of you come along for the ride with me and I aim to blog a lot more through the coming year, with the normal range of posts – food, travel, food, health, food, beauty, food, lifestyle and maybe some more food!

So here’s to a great 2018! Lets do this!

Lenny xx

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