Lenny loves…Winter Markets

I’d been looking forward to the Winter Seasonal Market to happen at The Bond Company in Digbeth for months, well since I couldn’t make the Autumn one!

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side. It was very wet and miserable, but I was still very much looking forward to it and hoping that the food would warm me up!

I arrived pretty early so a few of the stalls were still getting themselves prepared for the day, so I did my usual walk around the food stands to decide what to have and a little wander round the indoor market area, where local independent businesses sell their wares!

First up, I visited the English Indian stall and ordered their spiced pakora battered halloumi served with chat masala seasoned chips, madras chip shop sauce and mint and chilli mushy peas.

Wow! The batter on the halloumi was so light and fluffy, the halloumi was nice and warm and the heat from the curry sauce definitely warmed me up! But the surprise star of the show for me was the mushy peas. I really dislike mushy peas in general and I forgot to ask for this dish without. Well, I am so glad I did forget as these peas were delicious, really creamy and created a great cooling element to the heat of the curry sauce. Well done English Indian I may be a mushy pea convert!

I then grabbed a drink to wash it all down. I did really want to try mulled sloe gin, however it had apple juice in and I have an allergy to raw apple and can be temperamental with apple juice, so I had to make do (ha!) with sloe gin and ginger beer from the little gin company truck.

And as one meal wasn’t enough, I visited Low and Slow. I have been sampling the delights from Low and Slow for quite a few years now and every time I go back I always struggle to decide what to have. This time I went for the slow cooked brisket chilli served on a brioche bun with milk slaw and charcoal mayo. Boy, this was really messy and had a great big kick to it! I did have to eat the filling with a fork first and then eat the leftovers otherwise I was running the risk of turning my face orange!

This was washed down with a mulled wine from the bus bar company. Again, mulled wine was something I never used to like, but this is my second one of the season!

I was struggling for what to choose for dessert, it was a toss up between the Bournville Waffle Company and the Canadian Beaver Tail people. I put the vote out on instagram and facebook for you guys to choose what I should go for, and the only nomination was for the Canadian Beaver Tail stall.

So, what were the Canadian Beaver Tail people offering, well basically it is a doughnut shaped like a beavers tail (big and flat). I had mine topped with nutella and banana. It was very good, but very filling.

No trip to the Seasonal Markets would be complete without a visit to Bake. Is it bad that the guys from Bake recognise me?! I was quite restrained this time and just went for two slices of their Ferrero Rocher cake (one for me and one for my sister), their panettone bread pudding and one of their mince pie brownies.

All were delicious, and I can’t really pick a favourite, but I must say the pastry on the mince pie brownie was so buttery and short and soo gooood!

I also treated myself to a new tea towel from dot moth studio which has some cool facts about our lovely city of Birmingham. Did you know that the Bull Ring shopping area got its name because that is where the ‘sport’ of bull baiting took place! Need to check out what other things they offer!

I can’t wait for the next seasonal market in the spring! Keep an eye on their facebook page for dates!

Lenny xx

Disclaimer: This post was purely for my enjoyment, it is in no way associated with any of the traders featured in this post

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