Lenny loves…Isagenix week 2

Week 2 has been hard. I haven’t really stuck to the programme all week. I was away with work down in Portsmouth on Monday night and all day tuesday, then had another all day meeting on thursday. I stupidly tried to do a cleanse day on thursday and completely failed! But I did successfully do one on Friday.

So the results on the scales…I didn’t lose anything, but I also didn’t gain any weight either which was a miracle!

I know it feels like I’m making excuses with work, and I probably am, but for the next two weeks I only have one meeting, next wednesday, and I am going to stick to the programme as much as I can as I really want a 4lb loss next week.

I’m still craving the sweet stuff quite a bit, but I am hoping with some proper food planning this week I can reach my goal.

Who ever said losing weight was easy clearly didn’t have a life!

Lenny x

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