Lenny loves…brunch part 2

It has been a while since my last brunch post and I have been to brunch in between this and my last post, however somehow I forgot to blog about it! So I will have to revisit that particular brunch venue sometime in the future and get round to writing about it!

This brunch took place on Saturday morning at a place called Coffee Architects in Leamington Spa. This place is cosy and very inviting, and the queues were already building up as I arrived, so to avoid a lengthy wait I recommend you arrive early!

As you walk in there is an array of cakes to your left and boy do they look good! I have been following Coffee Architects for a while on instagram so definitely knew we were in for a treat. As always, my brunch buddy Hannah came along for the ride.

Coconut milk latte

Coffees ordered, it was time for the main event. There was so much to choose from, the normal menu and then the specials menu, which were both pretty impressive. But, after much deliberation, we went for the Avocado Smash, which was, avocado (I know the name kinda gives it away!), their homemade baked beans, poached eggs all served upon sourdough toast and some hefty chunks of grilled halloumi.

We also opted for a side of banana loaf french toast, or I did! We were pre-warned that the portions were rather large and were asked were we sure we wanted all three dishes? I mean what kind of question is that, err yes please!

There was a little bit of wait for the food, but with both of us happily enjoying our latte’s, mine was made with coconut milk, we sat and soaked up the atmosphere and eyed up the cake selection from where we were sitting.

Once the food arrived, it was pretty clear that the waitress had a fair old point about the portion sizes! The avocado smash was impressive to look at, as was the banana loaf french toast, but did they taste as good as they looked? It must be a day for silly questions, but yes they bloomin well did!

For me the highlight of the avocado smash was surprisingly not the avocado itself, but the beans and the halloumi. The beans had so much flavour and it does beg the question as to why on earth I buy Heinz beans when homemade is definitely the way to go (I feel a recipe post coming soon?!) and boy that halloumi was chunky! I don’t think I have ever seen a slice of Halloumi that big, and it was nice and warm and salty (oh err!).

Egg Porn!

We both really struggled to finish, however we, or should I really say I, had the banana loaf french toast to get through.  I was kinda regretting ordering it, until I took my first bite. It was really, really good banana bread, made even better by turning it into french toast, adding fruit and like a toffee, caramel sauce to it, and with the help of my trusty sidekick, we somehow managed to polish it off!

There is something about brunch where I still can’t get over just ordering something sweet, hence why I had to have both a sweet and savoury option. The ordinary french toast looked pretty good too and it is very easy to get food envy here, until you look at your own plate and realise that your’s is just as nice! The Waffles are next on my list as they looked pretty incredible.

After letting our food go down, we went up to order our take away cakes! The thought of eating another thing made me feel slightly queasy but for the sake of the blog, I thought I would take some home and maybe share it?? So I went for their Carrot & Passionfruit cake and a piece of their Rose, Pistachio and Raspberry cake.

The carrot cake was really moist and the passion fruit really lifted the flavour, however, I was slightly disappointed by the Rose, Pistachio and Raspberry cake as the only real flavour I got was from the icing.

I can’t recommend Coffee Architects enough, its perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea and cake! Why not check it out for yourself! Let me know in the comments below if you have been and what you had! Pictures are always appreciated!

Lenny xx

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