Lenny loves…Cleanse days

So I did it. I decided to go back-to-back on my cleanse days. It was tough, I’m not going to lie to you. I slightly cheated on my 2nd day and had a mugshot in the evening as my tummy was literally screaming out to be fed!

I feel good for it, especially as I have been for brunch this weekend (post coming soon!) and I have lost 8lbs this week, despite eating all the food when I was away with work!

I do have a feeling that one of the ‘side effects’ of the cleanse day is a rather uncontrollable need for the toilet (need I say more, in fact that is probably too much info!) but at least my system is getting rid of all the horrible toxins that my body has been storing over the past few months.

Would I do a back-to-back cleanse again? Maybe, but not this month as I feel slightly out of control when I don’t eat, as if my body is just waiting to binge at the end! So I will sitck with one cleanse a week for the rest of the month.

I feel like I need to start doing a bit more exercise to make the most of this 30 day programme, so gym, here I come!

As always, if you would like to find out more about the Isagenix weight loss programme then drop me a comment below.

Lenny xx

Disclaimer, I am not being paid to write these posts, and I have paid for the products featured in any of these posts. I just wanted to share my journey, especially if it can help someone else in the process.

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