Lenny loves… Isagenix Day 2-6

First update…it’s going ok. I wouldn’t say going great, as it has been a little bit tough. Not because the plan isn’t easy or enjoyable, but because I have no will power!

The first few days, I stuck to it rigidly, mostly with a shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, low-calorie snacks between meals and a 600 calorie meal in the evening. I even whipped up some fantastic veggie food…

I tried the protein bars, which are really chocolately, the e-shots are ok in flavour, but they helped me through the day and the isa snacks are good too.

My downfall was a work event. We went out for food, I had my heart set on being good, but the food was so damn yummy I went completely overboard as usual.

With all the best will in the world I was back on it the next day, had my breakfast as my meal for the day which was very delicious, but then out came the chocolates, flapjacks and buffet at my work meeting and bam, I caved!

Yum! Breakfast!

Before I would have just written the rest of the week off, but I am back on it with a cleanse day today.

A cleanse day is a day where you don’t have any shakes, or your 600 calorie meal. You cleanse and fast your system with a tonic called ‘Nourish for Life’ which is bursting with vitamins. You drink this 4 times throughout the day, along with your e-shot, some of the isa snacks and if you fancy, some isa delights!

I will let you know how my cleanse day goes, and I may even try a double cleanse and do two days back to back! We shall see how much I miss actual food!

If you would like to know more, then drop me a comment down below.

Lenny xx

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