Lenny loves…house update

I have been pretty quiet around the whole flat/moving situation and that is because it all went tits up at the very last minute. I was quite gutted at the time as it had been 11 months since I first put my offer in on this new build for it all to fall through, plus a considerable amount of money on mortgage surveys and other fees.

However, like they say everything happens for a reason, and a week after the flat fell through I found somewhere else!! This was very much unintentional as I was going to take a couple of months off and recoup some money and sanity, take a holiday and just chill, but I spotted this little place on rightmove and thought I would go and have a look and fell in love pretty much straight away.

The location of this flat is great, being only 5 minutes drive from where I am now, and is also a bit more spacious, but most importantly it has a bath!

I am hoping this process will go a lot smoother, with the mortgage offer having already been agreed and sorted and technically there is no chain as the seller will happily move out before she finds somewhere new.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully will have some positive updates to post along with some lovely interior posts once I am in!

Who knew that buying my own place would be so stressful!!!

Lenny xx

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