Lenny loves…brunch!

Brunch, that lovely meal between breakfast and lunch that can be dragged out to last a considerable amount of hours and apparently the fastest growing food trend in the UK at the moment!

Me and my friend Hannah took ourselves off to canEAT in Stirchley to check out this much talked about café situated on the Pershore Road not too far from Loaf.

The first thing you notice about this casual eatery is how lively it is. It is fairly small in size, so gets quite busy but we managed to grab a table right by the counter. There are also smaller tables for kids to hang out along with a selection of toys and books to keep them occupied. We even witnessed two little girls having an early afternoon tea session with scones and juice!

Although the menu is small in choice it certainly didn’t lack in enticing options and I could have easily eaten everything on there. It was a tough decision to make, but myself and my friend both went for the Giant Beans, Egg and Feta on toast. I also went for the Vietnamese Coconut Coffee (Cold) which featured on the menu that day.

The coffees came first and my Coconut Coffee, after a quick stir, was just what I needed after the walk down to Stirchley. The coffee was made with Coconut milk which was great as usually most coconut coffee options are made with coconut water, which despite being massively good for you, I cannot stand!

Up next was the food. Our jazzed up beans on toast looked fantastic on the plate, I just hoped it tasted as good as it looked. It didn’t disappoint. There was a lovely tang to the sauce that the giant beans were cooked in and the beans still had a bit of a bite to them and weren’t all soggy and mushy. The soft boiled egg that perched on top of the beans like an orange jewelled crown gave the sauce a bit more creaminess and the feta, whilst there wasn’t a lot on the plate, it was the perfect amount not to overpower and just give it that something extra.

We were both pretty full after that, however, I couldn’t resist ordering myself a little dessert, as who said you can’t have dessert at brunch?! I went for the warm banana bread, peanut butter and blueberries as I have a soft spot for anything with peanut butter. It looked stunning on the plate, but it didn’t stay that way for long as it was soon completely demolished. The banana bread was moist but crumbly with a thin layer of peanut butter so it didn’t take away from the flavours of the bread along with little bursts of blueberries along the way, and of course another coffee to help it down.

Although the café was busy and lively, it was still quiet enough to chat and hear yourself think and at no point did we feel rushed to vacate, with the table next to us looking like there were set for the day there.

This lovely small, but perfectly formed offering in the heart of what is fast becoming the up and coming area to be seen in South Birmingham, is certainly a hit with the community and I will be keeping my eyes open for bigger things from them.

And I mustn’t forget to mention Isherwood Florists who are right next door to CANeat. A lovely little florist with what I can only describe as selling beautiful natural fresh flowers. Brunch and flowers on a Saturday what more could a girl want!

I am intending on going around a few other popular brunch spots to see what this lovely time of day has to offer across the city, so recommendations please! Next stop is Bloom in Kings Heath 

Lenny xx

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