Lenny loves… C for Cambodian

5 weeks ago I turned the grand old age of 32! To celebrate me and my best friend headed off for a day of cocktails in Birmingham and then onto a meal at the Blue Piano, in Edgbaston.

The cocktails were great but the part we are all interested in is the food. I decided to use this trip as the ‘C’ in my   A-Z of food, as my main dish was Cambodian and my inspiration for going.

Blue Piano is located in Edgbaston, behind the big Morrison’s at Five Ways Island and also happens to be opposite the very popular tapas restaurant, El Borracho de Oro.

We had our table booked for 7.30pm and upon arrival were shown into the bar area. The reception area is like entering a bustling house and soon we were seated in the dining area with the menu in front of us.

It was a hard task deciding what to go for starters, with a selection of Malaysian, Singaporean and Cambodia cuisine, it all sounded so tempting, and then they went and brought out the specials menu!

In the end we decided to go for a selection of three starters to share between us; beef curry spring rolls, roast pork puffs and deep fried squid.

The beef curry spring rolls were off the specials board and came with a lovely curry flavoured dipping sauce. The rolls were piping hot, not too greasy and full of delicious tender beef filling.  Next up we had the roast pork puffs, which were yummy bundles of honey roast pork wrapped in golden puff pastry.  The pork filling was substantial and the puff pastry was nice and crispy with not a soggy bottom in sight.

The deep fried squid was cooked to perfection, not chewy in the slightest and a lovely delicate coating of batter, served with a zingy lime mayo dip which was a really refreshing accompaniment to the squid.

For mains, I had already decided what I was going to have as soon as I first discovered the menu at the Blue Piano, so for me it was the traditional Cambodian dish of Fish Amok Curry, and my friend went for the Malaysian dish of Beef Rendang.  We opted for two sides, one of jasmine rice and the other some roti bread.

My Fish Amok curry came served in a bamboo nest, again, quite traditional of how it is served in Cambodia. All I can say is WOW! It was just like being back there! The mild flavour and the creamy texture won me over instantly and the added rice complemented the dish well. There were big gorgeous pieces of fish in the curry and although I could’ve eaten more, it was probably the perfect size for a normal human being!

Fish Amok Curry

My friend’s Beef Rendang was where the spice was at! It was just a bit too spicy for my liking, but that aside, the beef, served on a banana leaf, was so tender and full of flavour, this was definitely a good choice if you like a bit of heat, but not too much that it blows your head off! The only thing that will blow you away will be the flavours in the dish.

Beef Rendang

Although we were both quite full, I opted to have a traditional Indonesian desert of Pandan pancakes, which were filled with palm sugar and coconut. The green colour is from the leaves of the Pandan plant, but it doesn’t give the pancakes a particular taste or flavour, although the consistency of these pancakes is a lot stickier and gummy in texture! The palm sugar and coconut filling is very sweet, but the portion size was perfect so as not to put you in a sugar coma!!


The service at Blue Piano was very efficient, despite them having a massive group party in at the same time and I will definitely be going back to try more of their dishes.  Next on my list is the Singaporean Carrot Cake and the Khmer Chicken Curry.

I am also keen to try their sister venue in Kings Heath, Blue Ginger and would love to hear from you if you have been and what your favourite dishes on the menu were!

Lenny xx


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