Lenny loves…Day 26 – Mekong River Day 2

Waking up early again, it was still pretty dark as we made our way through the village and back on to the boat for another 8 hours to the border crossing into Thailand.

It was still really cold and wet, and the boat was still uncomfortable. Many people took to drinking to get them through the journey, and had they had something other than beer on offer I think I may have joined them, but instead I tried to get some rest before lunch.

Lunch was simple, rice and noodles, but it was warm, which was the main thing. The thought of a hot shower and slightly warmer conditions in Chiang Kong was saving me from going crazy, and sparing the next person who said ‘enjoy the experience’ a slap!

However, arriving at the hotel did not turn out to be what we had hoped. There was so heating in the rooms, it was still pouring down with rain, and the shower was outside! Now I’m all for outside bathing, but this was ridiculous, and yes you’ve guessed it, no hot water!!

There were some tears, not from me but it was close, but we were served a nice hot buffet and I ate until I felt that I may fall into a food coma. Wrapping myself up in my layers, I headed to bed for an early night, as there was nothing around to entertain us.

Luckily, it was a brief stay at the hotel before we made our way to Chiang Mai.

Lenny xx

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