Lenny loves…Day 22 – A day of heights in Vang Vieng

Early morning call, but this one I didn’t mind as I was so excited to be going up in my first ever hot air balloon ride! Not only that but we were going to be able to see the sunrise in such beautiful surroundings.

Watching the balloons inflate was magical and soon we were in our basket and making our way up into the sky. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz! The views were just magnificent, and none of the photos I took will ever do it justice, it is definitely something you need to experience for yourself.

It was over far too quick, and after a scare where we thought we were going to crash into some trees, we landed with a bump back on land. That will be an experience I never forget!

With all the adrenaline pumping, it was time for another activity, zip Lining! Now I’m not sure what possessed me to think that this would be a good idea, I just remember being really keen to try it at the time of booking and then absolutely shitting myself when I arrived!

What on earth was I thinking! I was petrified, and this is from the girl who has done a tandem skydive, but all of a sudden I was far too high and it was far too scary!

However, I was there, I did it and I will probably not do it again! Some of the zip lines were better than others, and the one thing that terrified me the most was this bridge thing that moved when you walked across but wasn’t solid it was like a pair of scissors that were wider in some parts! Sensing my fear the instructors thought it would be hilarious to wobble said bridge, which I was not impressed by, they did not put me at ease at all.

Once it was all over, me and another girl headed for lunch and then I was off to meet the group to go to the blue lagoon. What a disappointment! It was rammed, far too busy, far too touristy, it was like a water park made in the nature of the woods, and the blue lagoon didn’t look that blue! Kinda felt like it was a bit if a waste for me, especially as I don’t swim, but I was expecting it to be more picturesque than it was.

Back at the hotel, it was coming up for dinner time and the group was spilt in two according to food requests. Half wanted traditional food and the other half were going Mexican! As I had not been impressed by the Laos food, and I had a massive cheese craving, I chose Mexican. It was definitely a good decision, the food was excellent, although the service was quite slow, but they were literally heaving with customers.

I was a bit sad to be leaving Vang Vieng, as it was such a beautiful place and felt there was more to see, maybe another place to add to my revisit list.

Lenny xx

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