Lenny loves…Day 20 Goodbye Vietnam

This was was our last day in Vietnam, as we were due to fly into Laos that afternoon (an actual pre-arranged flight), so I decided to get up around 9ish and head out for one last walk around, a few last minute purchases, grab some lunch and head back to the hotel ready for the transfer to the airport.

Vietnam was a mixed bag for me. It was the country of overnight trains, which I didn’t enjoy very much, the part of the trip I got sick, but also the country we tried some amazing food and saw some amazing places. There are parts I will revisit in the future, Hoi Ann and Hanoi, and others I will avoid, Hue!

We were all very much looking forward to Laos, with us arriving in the capital Vientiane, with not a clue as to what to expect. Once we arrived, it was clear Laos was about the scenery. It was mountainous and green.

Arriving in the capital, we checked into the hotel and headed for dinner. I was initially looking forward to a sampling what food Laos had to offer, but my first meal didn’t bode well. I tried duck bill, which just tasted like ribs to me and the fish I was served was originally served to me cold and then they just reheated in the microwave, which wasn’t fantastic.

So after a disappointing start, I headed back to the hotel for the night, with a jam packed morning ahead of me, before we headed to Vang Vieng in the afternoon.

Lenny xx

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