Lenny loves…Day 18 – Back to the capitol, Hanoi

Travelling back the way we came to Hanoi, we stopped off after 10 minutes to visit an oyster farm to see how they make pearls. It was very interesting and can be a very timely process. I resisted the temptation not to buy anything, which I was shocked by as I love pearls, as its my birthstone, but conscious of the fact that technically I am unemployed I restrained myself.

Back on the bus, we continued our journey to the Capitol. The main area is centred around Hoan Kiem Lake and then you have the old quarter where quite a few of the museums and the Citadel is situated.

Hoan Kiem Lake

We got to Hanoi late lunchtime, but everyone was desperate to check into the hotel. We also had tickets to see a traditional water puppet show, so once we had checked in we headed for a late lunch. I had deep fried aubergines, wasn’t the best choice on the menu, but it was ok. After that, our guide took us for a wander around the city, towards the markets and around the small streets.

Every area sold a specific type of item, whether that be jewellery, clothes, shoes, tyres or paint it was amazing. We were on toy street!

We finally made our way to a famous coffee house, which served egg coffee. Egg coffee was developed because of a shortage of  milk and tasted pretty good, although I’m not a great fan of Vietnamese coffee as it’s quite strong!


After the coffee we needed to dash to our water puppet show which was at the theatre by the lake. It was all in Vietnamese, and we didn’t quite understand what was going on, but it was all very cleverly done and quite artistic. I would definitely recommend going to show if you go to Hanoi, they also have them in Hoi An.

Once the show was done we headed to dinner where I had a seafood coconut stew type dish which was very nice.


Quite a few of us headed back to the hotel straight after dinner as it had been a long day and there was more sightseeing to do the next day!

Lenny xx

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