Lenny loves…Day 16 – Hue and the Citidel

After a little bit of a lie in, I checked out of one room and left my luggage in my fellow flight goers room and then we went off to explore the Citadel. First, we had to pay a visit to the post office so one of them could send a parcel home. The post offices in Vietnam are an experience all by themselves. Unfortunately, when we arrived the parcel section was closed until 2pm, so we headed for a coffee by the river and then found somewhere for lunch.

I decided to try the pancake again and also had some noodles which were huge, but very good. After lunch we headed back to the post office to deal with the parcel. This consisted of so many forms, no queuing system and the lady behind the counter doing too many things at once. After about 30 minutes me and the guys girlfriend left him to it and headed to the Citadel at his request not to wait for him any longer!

The area around the Citidel is full of people wanted to chauffeur you in a cyclo, but we much preferred to walk at our own pace. They can be quite persistent, and I wouldn’t recommend going on you own as a woman.

Once inside the  Citadel, you could clearly see how impressive it would’ve been in its complete state. It was vast in size, but we didn’t get to cover it all in the time that we had left, so just looked at the main areas. Again, I think we would’ve benefited from a tour guide as there were no signs or explanations as to what building was which. The area is under constant reconstruction, especially since the Vietnam war destroyed a fair bit of the Citadel.

Overall, I wasn’t massively impressed with Hue, but it was another city to tick off our lists. Soon it was time to catch our flight, which was delayed, and this meant that I had five hours to get some rest. This would’ve been ok had the hotel I booked not sold my room after 15 minutes of me not turning up when I said I would! They moved me down the road to their sister hotel so at least I had somewhere to stay, but it definitely wasn’t an upgrade!

The next day we were due to meet the rest of the group at the train station and then we were heading onto Ha Long Bay for our boat trip, so sleep was very much needed.

Lenny xx


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