Lenny loves…Day 15 – Hue

It was very much a shared thought that our stay in Hoi An was far too short, but we were onward bound to our next destination, Hue, another Unesco World Heritage site.

Hue was the capital of Vietnam for a short time between 1802 and 1945. It was also a massive victim of the Vietnam war in 1968, with a lot of damage caused to the Citadel.

We arrived around lunchtime, so of course lunch was calling. I tried a traditional Hue dish of crispy noodles, but I was not impressed! To me it tastes a bit like polystyrene and had no flavour or taste. I still wasn’t feeling 100%, and also decided that I could not endure the 14 hour overnight train journey to Hanoi the next day, so I booked a flight and an overnight hotel along with two other group members. I know it’s kind of cheating, but the thought of being ill on a train for that long, just didn’t bear thinking about.

After lunch, the majority of the group did a motorcycle tour into the countryside. I kinda wish I had joined in, but as I am a nervous car passenger, and having experienced the traffic in Vietnam, there was no way I was going to be able to that journey and not freak out, so I made the decision to do a boat ride along the perfume river to visit one of the temples.

This did not go according to plan! My guide had said it should cost me around $3 but when I got there I was hounded by women trying to sell me their boat tours at an extortionate amount of money! They were very persistent and kept surrounding me, until I was rescued by two people from another group and I decided just to wander into the city.

We located the Citadel, but I didn’t fancy going in as I had already made plans to do that the next day with the couple I was getting the plane with, so I decided to meander around the outside and see what Hue had to offer. It turned out not a lot. I wasn’t that impressed, and neither were my feet! As I hadn’t planned on walking very far I had my flip flops on, so by the time I got back to the hotel my feet were sore and covered in blisters.

The hotel was one of the worst we had stayed on during our trip, not very clean at all and just didn’t look very pleasant, so I was not looking forward to sleeping there that evening.

Once everyone had got back from the bike ride and showered, we headed out for dinner. Still not feeling 100% I went for some smaller dishes, the Vietnamese fried pancake and some pork and lemongrass kebab skewers. Both were really tasty, especially the skewers which were actually made from sticks of lemongrass, so the flavour permeated the meat.

An early night for me due to not feeling great and looking forward to flying the next day!

Lenny xx

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