Lenny loves…Day 14 – Hoi An day 2

At 10am we headed back towards the old town to our Noodle Making demonstration at a charity project called Streets. This project really touched me as it quickly became apparent the difference it makes to the students lives.

We were given a quick introduction by one of their graduates, before we are shown a short video on the charitable organisation and why it was set up. Streets was set up to help young people in severely impoverished areas, people affected by trafficking and those from disease affected areas. They then train them in the hospitality industry in various positions, teach them English, provide accommodation, food and healthcare.

The students that we met were so happy and hugely thankful and grateful for the opportunities that Streets had given them and this was clearly shown in the way they interacted with us.

The demonstration was brilliant, but the best part was the food that we got to eat, it was delicious! They are very talented individuals and it was a shame we didn’t get to sample more fare at their restaurant a few doors away.


After such an amazing morning, I decided to partake in some cultural activities and visit some of the old houses, temples and museums in Hoi Ann. They were really beautiful and colourful and it does make me wonder why we don’t build buildings like that anymore.

After sightseeing and a bit of shopping, I headed for a cafe called Cargo Club with amazing river views and had an iced chocolate and a piece of delicious chocolate cheesecake. The Vietnamese sure know how to do good pastries and cakes, think this must come from the French influence.

Once I had taken in the amazing views, I headed to a local tea room called Reaching Out. This tea room was quite special as it was staffed by people with hearing problems, so you are encouraged to be silent or very quiet whilst there. It was such a serene environment, with the odd break of giggles from the lovely staff.

I ordered a Snow Mountain Jasmine Tea with a cookie sampler platter and a lime juice. It was a bit much after the iced chocolate and cheesecake, but I took my time and enjoyed the lovely atmosphere.

Heading back to the hotel, I really wanted a swim but knew that my swimwear probably wouldn’t dry in time, so I just dipped my feet in the water and read a bit of my book.


It was soon time to get ready for dinner, where we were heading to a restaurant called the Lantern House, which was a lovely restaurant in the old town, decorated with art and lanterns. The food was really good and I ordered some local specialities including white rose, wontons and spring rolls to start and then an Eggplant (aubergine) croc pot which was very delicious for main.

I would be very sad to be leaving Hoi Ann in the morning, but have already made a note to come back in the future, with an empty suitcase in tow.

Lenny xx

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