Lenny loves…Day 13 – Hoi Ann

Day 13 – Hoi Ann

Arrived into Da Nang station at 6am and got a coach to the hotel in Hoi An, again we couldn’t check in to the hotel, but the guys headed to the restaurant on site for breakfast, which I couldn’t face with my stomach and it being far too early for me!

After breakfast we all headed down into the old town, where the majority of the group stopped at a tailors to have some clothes made. I didn’t stop as I have absolutely no room in my luggage and didn’t really want to hang around looking at clothes, I can’t believe that came out of my mouth, so I definitely knew I wasn’t well!

Instead, me and a few others who didn’t fancy tailoring went for a wander towards the markets. It was more of a food market to be honest so we pottered around the shops and headed towards the river.

It was fast becoming clear how relaxed and beautiful Hoi Ann was, and I knew I was going to enjoy my short time here.

After a lot more shopping, my stomach and the heat got the better of me so I headed back to the hotel. Luckily my room was ready, so I checked in and decided to hang out by the pool! Yes, this hotel had a pool and quite a large one too, so I sat in the sun and read my book.

I was joined by a few others from the group during the afternoon and I decided to try and have something to eat, so ordered some French fries and spring rolls. They seemed to be ok and didn’t cause me any problems.

The clouds soon started turning grey and it looked like we were going to see our first bit of rain. Heading back to the room, the clouds did in fact open and boy did it rain. I had a cookery class booked with a few others from the group, so I got ready and made our way through the rain to the restaurant.

The cooking class was so much fun! We learned to make five different dishes; spring rolls, fish in banana leaf, stuffed squid, a Vietnamese dipping sauce and bbq pork belly patties. We all got stuck in and had a go and the food we produced at the end was amazing! So tasty and full of flavour, I was starting to experience some of the best food I’d had in Vietnam, as prior to this, I was a bit disappointed.

I took so many photos of the cooking class that I could almost do a step by step guide, so I have decided that when I get home I’m going to have a go at making the dishes and will do a step-by-step guide then.

The rain was still falling when we left the restaurant and made our way back to the hotel. I was looking forward to the next day, where we would be given a noodle cooking demonstration.

Lenny xx

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