Lenny loves…Day 11 – Arriving in Nha Trang

The train arrived into Nha Trang on time at 5.30am. The journey wasn’t too bad, slept on and off throughout and didn’t see any rats or bugs! I think the motion of the train helps with the sleeping although it can be a bit jerky and bumpy too.

We dumped our bags at the hotel, as obviously we weren’t allowed to check-in until later that day, and went to see the sunrise on the beach. It was another beautiful sunrise even though we did only see the end of it. Once the sun had come up off we went to grab breakfast.


Breakfast was great, I had an iced caramel coffee and some waffles and strawberries, they were so good. We ended up spending a couple of hours there as they had wifi and our trips weren’t until 9am – 9.45am.

I decided to break away from the group and join another group who were taking a short bus ride to a less touristy beach, whilst my group went off to the mud baths, which I had planned to do the next day with the other group too.

The views on the way to the other beach were incredible. Mountains covered in trees graced the horizon and later framed the beach beautifully.

The beach was about a 30 min drive away, and was quite popular with the locals, but still quite quiet. We spent the day eating, drinking (I stuck to soft drinks) and making the most of the sun, as the tide was fast approaching and coming up to the restaurant area which meant that we didn’t get an awful lot of sunbathing done.

For food we had barbecued clams, bread and some sort of beef dish marinated in sauce which was really delicious, and the beef was lovely and tender. Later on we had noodles and rice with spicy chicken.

Then low and behold, I hear a rumbling in my tummy and the bathroom was calling me and fast. This did not bode well considering the state of the toilet at the beach! Luckily for me it was just coming up to home time, so I could use the bathroom with a bit more privacy and comfort when I checked into my room.

That evening I did not feel great but made the effort to go out for a drink as it was one of the guys birthdays the following day, but as we would be on another sleeper train he decided he wanted to celebrate early. I literally managed to stay for an hour before I had to dash back to the room. The rest of the evening was spent in bed dying!

This didn’t bode well for my trip to the mud baths the next day.

Lenny xx

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