Lenny loves…Day 9 – Floating Markets and Ho Chi Minh City

Deciding that I would probably be up and awake anyway, I opted to do the floating market, which was a great experience.

Along a section of the Mekong Delta, a floating market operates selling to the locals a selection of food for personal use and wholesale.

Boats pull up to the side of you, hook on to your boat and the selling begins. We were visited by a boat selling coffee and cold drinks and also a man selling pineapple, which we got to try as part of the trip.

Returning back to the coach, we set off for Ho Chi Minh City which involved a 5 hr bus journey. Arriving into Ho Chi Minh City, we were hit with the intense traffic of scooters! They were absolutely everywhere, driving on the roads, on the pavements and even out of buildings and shops.


Once we checked into our hotel, we dropped our bags off, freshened up and then headed out for an orientation walk across the city.


The hotel was fairy nice, I had a nice double bed and it all looked nice and clean. For lunch we headed for a restaurant famous for Pho and being visited by Bill Clinton when he was president. I went for the chicken pho this time, but I didn’t enjoy this one as much as we the one I had the day before.


After lunch we were then shown where the markets were and also the street food markets, which we would visit again later, then continued to the Notre Dame Cathedral, as Vietnam was occupied by the French until the 1950s, so there is quite a bit of French influence in their building design.

We then headed to the War Remnants Museum, to learn a bit more about the Vietnamese War before we visited the Cu Chi Tunnels the next day. The museum exhibits were obviously fairly biased but you got an idea as to what it was about and the effects on the Vietnamese people. I didn’t take any pics whilst inside the museum as it kinda felt weird.


The majority of the museum was picture based with many photographs on show, taken mainly by American photographers, and the stories that were told alongside were just as harrowing as the pictures.

It has definitely made we want to find out more about the Vietnam War from both sides of the fence. I found the museum a bit more intense than the Killing fields, but I think that was due to visuals and that I was left to my own devices.

Heading back to the hotel, I had a very much needed shower, which felt so good! Before long we were on the move again, headed towards the night and street food markets. Unfortunately, today wasn’t a great food day as I found mine quite bland and I don’t think the rest of the group were that impressed with their meals either.

After eating, we did a bit of shopping, where I purchased a couple of pairs of loose trousers as the ones I brought from Siem Reap ripped a few days before! Once we were all shopped out, we made our way back to the hotel using our little map. Map reading is definitely not one of my strong points and what should’ve taken us 10 minutes took us 30 after a few wrong turns. Eventually we found our hotel and headed straight for bed, and I was very much looking forward to a good nights sleep.


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