Lenny loves… Day 7 – A boat trip and a day of sun!

The day started off with breakfast before we set off on our boat trip to do some snorkelling and sunbathing!

I was going to attempt to try and do some snorkelling, as you know I have a slight phobia of the sea, but as more and more people came back to the boat with injuries, the more I was put off! We had a mixture of sea urchin and coral injuries and it did not look like fun, so I stayed in the boat and took pictures.

We soon set off again to go to a small island, where we could swim, sunbathe, play volleyball and have lunch.

I did brave the water, which was really warm and very clear, but also very salty which is one of the main reasons I don’t particularly like it. Instead, I choose to relax and top up my tan and enjoy the views. I was careful not to burn though as the next day involved a 12 hour journey to cross into Vietnam, and the last thing I wanted was to be sunburnt.

The island was so peaceful and beautiful, I could’ve stayed there forever.

It was soon time for lunch where the guys from the restaurant the night before had set up a small barbecue on the beach and we had chicken, fish, rice and salad.

After lunch, more sunbathing followed, but it was soon time to jump back on the boat to head to another snorkelling spot before making our way back to the mainland.

A shower was very much needed after all that sand and sun cream, and luckily I managed not to get too sunburnt, just caught the sun in my usual places, but nothing a bit of biafine couldn’t fix (my miracle burn cream from Paris).

Dinner was quite a relaxed affair, we just rocked up to a restaurant a few doors down from the hotel. I couldn’t decide what to go for on our last night in Cambodia, so I went for two of their traditional dishes, both of which we had on our first day in Cambodia, the Amok Fish and the Lok Lak Beef. They were both so good, I sure was going to miss this food, but knew we were heading to Vietnam for more tasty dishes.

Everyone pretty much headed straight back to the hotel after dinner, as yes you’ve guessed it, we had another early start in the morning for our 12 hour journey from Cambodia into Vietnam.

Cambodia was such a lovely place with Siem Reap being my favourite, followed by Sihankouville, and the Capitol Phnom Penh being my least favourite, although visiting the killing fields and S21 prison was the highlight of the trip for me, if that’s the right word.

But onto Vietnam, where we will be for around 13 days.

Lenny xx

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