Lenny loves…Day 1 Indochina Discovery Tour

31st December 2015

Arrived at the other hotel to start the first Gadventures tour, the Indochina Discovery Tour, which would take me to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and back into Thailand.

My room mate had already arrived so we made our introductions and got ready to meet the rest of the group. The room was nothing special but was clean and the beds were comfy enough.

I was a bit worried initially that they would all be really young but there is a good age range starting from 21 up to 31. Yes, I am the oldest but only by two weeks!

Everyone seemed really nice and friendly and felt like we would all get along very well. There were 14 of us, with 3 yet to come, making a total of 17 with people from Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Austalia, Germany and Poland we were a very diverse group! We all have a little intro about ourselves and what we wanted out of the trip and it was great to know we were all on the same wave length

We were then informed that we would be leaving at 6.30 the next day, which got a big moan from everyone as it was New Years Eve, but most of us decided we wanted to see the New Year in anyway.

Once all the paperwork was filled in we all headed to dinner on the road next to Khao San Road, which is a famous backpacking district, Rambutri Road to a place called Authong Restaurant.

The good thing about trips like this is that the Chief Experience Officer tour guide) or “CEO” as they are known as picks the majority of the restaurants, which means they are all tried and tested. We had some great food there, with one girl going for a whole fish and another going for some sort of impressive prawn dish, whereas I had the deep fried soft shell grab with garlic and pepper, as I remembered how good the soft shell crab was when I was in Bangkok a couple of years ago and it did not disappoint. The flavours in the food were amazing!

Next up we headed down Rambutri Road towards Khao San Road to see what it was all about but it was heaving so we headed back to Rambutri and found a small bar there and decided to chill there for the rest of the night.

Whilst we wandered down the street, we cam across some stalls selling fried insects and dome of the guys, including me of course, were interested in trying some, so we got a selection to share between the group. We tried scorpion, crickets and silk worms. The crickets were probably my favourite out of the three, the scorpion was really crunchy as you would imagine, and the crickets and silk worms had a similar taste, a bit salty and meaty, but the crickets had a nicer texture.

Experimenting over we choose our drinks and spent the evening chatting, drinking and waiting for the click to strike midnight so we could all go back to the hotel and sleep!

It was decided that we should get a shot of something to toast in the New Year, and a round of jagermeister was brought and we started the countdown to midnight!

It was good to celebrate with new friends and it was pretty crazy trying to get a taxi back but we made it, set our alarms for 5am ready to set out for our first destination, Cambodia.

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Lenny x

disclaimer: this post is not sponsored in any way, I have paid for all my travels myself, coutersey of my ex-husband!!!!!!





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