Lenny loves…arriving in Bangkok

30th Dec 2015

Absolute chaos! That is the only way I can describe arriving at Bangkok airport!

The humidity hits you as soon as you leave the plane and then the onslaught begins!

The queue for immigration/passport control, well it’s not really a queue, it’s a free for all, with no one really knowing what’s going on, no signage and no clue! So I just followed everyone else and got into the throng of people and waited. It took a good 30 minutes to get through, and as it had taken so long my backpack/kitchen sink carrier was ready waiting for me.

My next job was to locate the driver I had booked through the hotel. I know, not very backpacker like, but the last thing I wanted to do was to find a taxi driver after that long journey!

But it turns out I couldn’t find my driver very well either so would’ve been just as quick! However, after wandering up and down the arrivals hall for what seemed like an age, I located the airport service people who sorted it all out and I was on my way to meet the bf!

He was joining me for one measly night before he flew onwards to Koh Samui, where he would be spending two weeks chilling with his parents.

I had booked to stay at the rather nice Mode Sathorn Hotel in an Executive club room as I was originally staying by myself and the benefits it gave was that I wouldn’t have to leave the hotel, everything was right there. Getting to our room, the views were amazing and the bed was huge and very comfortable.

Picture source

Deciding that we didn’t really want to venture out of the hotel, we headed down for our complimentary afternoon tea and then went to chill out by the pool.

The views from the pool were just as stunning, with vast views over Bangkok. But the best view was to come later when we decided to treat ourselves to an early New Years Eve, as we wouldn’t be spending it together, and paid a visit to their roof top bar.

Wow, we could see so much from up there! We grabbed some Asian style tapas and a few cocktails, soaked up the wonderful atmosphere and the got an early night, as I had a bit of jet lag and the bf had to get up ridiculously early for his flight to Koh Samui.

He checked out, I went back to sleep, went down for breakfast and then went down to the pool to soak up some rays, as one of the other benefits of the Executive room was a late check-out.

Grabbing myself a cheeky cocktail, I lay back and dozed off for a bit, intermittently jumping in the pool to cool off.

Soon it was time to leave and hop into a taxi to the next hotel where I would meet everyone on my tour and the adventure would begin!

I have created a hashtag for my little adventure so you can check out my posts on Twitter @lennyloveslife or on Instagram @lennyloveslifeblog using the #lennystripofalifetime

Check you all later for a special NYE post!

Lenny xx

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