Lenny loves…beginnings of a new adventure!!


I’m sat in Birmingham Airport. My stomach is all over the place and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here!

Today is the day I set out for my new adventure – 2 months travelling through Asia in a mixture of group travel with Gadventures and the odd day here and there on my own with a 5 night stay in Bali by myself at the end to recuperate.

The word ‘Apprehensive’ springs to mind as does the phrase ‘shitting myself!’

I can’t believe this day has finally come and I am off to explore some amazing countries and hopefully, whilst doing so, making some fantastic memories and new friends!

I will be away for a total of 2 months, 2 months with a jam packed itinerary with not a moment to think about anything but enjoying myself whilst staying safe.

First stop is Bangkok, where I will be spending the first night of my tour with my tour group on New Years Eve!! You can see more of my tour itinerary here.

I will try and blog as much as I can as I know my Australia posts were a bit delayed and I’d forgotten half the places we went and what days we did what on!! So, fingers crossed I can be a bit more consistent with the posts, but will be relying on wifi connections, so please bear with me.

I also want to enjoy myself, so I am asking for forgiveness upfront if I do forget to post regularly.

Don’t think I’m going to miss home too much as I’ve lived away from home before, but will definitely miss my home comforts!

Need to also learn to start sentences with other words apart from ‘I’.

This trip is going to be an eye opener for me that’s for sure and hopefully it will make me a bit wiser and appreciate what I have more.

Well that’s enough from me, will be boarding shortly. Until Bangkok!

Lenny xx


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