Lenny loves…Adventures in Sydney – Part 3

Day 7 – Tarongo Zoo

My sister was adamant that we visit Taronga Zoo whilst in Sydney. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs she is a massive animal person so off we went on the ferry again to visit the animals!

The views from the Zoo were spectacular, as were the array of animals on show, ranging from Bears, Giraffes, Elephants, Tasmanian Devils, Tigers and Lions, to Reptiles, Sea Lions, Seals and Birds.

We did a lot of walking that day, it was pretty exhausting and a bit wet (again!). After exhausting ourselves looking at all the different animals, we headed to the gift shop where we spent an age buying gifts and souvenirs for ourselves!

If you are an animal lover, I do recommend you pay the Zoo a visit, but I do know some people aren’t a massive fan of Zoo’s but they all appeared really well looked after and they do have lots of positive messages in their live shows too.

Heading back to the ferry for the return journey, I was quite glad to have visited, although I was definitely all animaled out!

Day 8 – A day of exploring in Sydney – well shopping!

We spent the next day exploring the city and doing quite a bit of shopping! Sydney is a lot like London in the vastness of the city and the amount of people that are around, however, on the other hand it is completely the opposite to London in that, despite being large and very populated, it is very chilled out, people don’t seem to be in a rush or pushy in the City and I could very much live there!

As well as shopping we did a bit of sightseeing and headed up to their Observation Tower, which is in Westfield Shopping Centre. The views from the tower are pretty amazing, and even though it was quite cloudy on the day we went, we could still see quite a bit, including the apartment building we were staying in.

You can go outside in the Observation Tower, which is extra, but my sister wasn’t keen on that idea. So once we were ready to go, we headed down into Westfields to do some shopping! And I found a Sephora!!! I did spent an inordinate amount of time in there and purchased a few things, but tried to go easy on my bank balance!

They also have a beautiful shopping centre called Queen Victoria Building, which is absolutely stunning, especially at Christmas time. Their tree is fantastic, quite a spectacle to see. We seemed to only stumble across the building at night, so didn’t really get the chance to see it in the hustle and bustle of the day, but one to put on your list if you do pay Sydney a visit.

All shopped out we headed back to the apartment and planned what we were going to do on our final full day in Sydney

Day 9 – Donut Milkshakes and Bondi Beach

Before heading to Oz, I read about a place called Foodcraft Espresso which is based in Sydney. The picture on the article was what caught my eye, and it looked something along the lines of this…


I knew I just had to check this place out whilst we were there, and it wasn’t that far away from where we were staying, so on our last day, before heading to Bondi Beach, we went for brunch.

Foodcraft Espresso is in a little area called Erskinville and looked to be a very popular place with the locals. The food menu was immense and we really struggled to choose – but check out my food post which will go up soon for what we went for!

After brunch we got the train to Bondi Beach for a final day of chilling out on the beach. It was a bit more of a cloudy day, but we made the most of it. It was a lot quieter this time round as it was a weekday, but there were still crowds of people around making the most of the weather.

It was starting to dawn on us that we would be leaving tomorrow and it made us very sad indeed.

We spent our last evening at Sydney Harbour to view both the bridge and the Opera House at night time, had a nice meal and then went back to the apartment to pack up our things for the next day.

Day 10 – Final Day

And it was our last day, we went out for breakfast and then got our bags and made our way to the airport.

We had such an amazing time and did so much, but there is still so much to see and do and I will definitely be going back for seconds in the future.

It is now time for my next journey, Asia! So keep checking back for more adventures on lennyloveslife. You can of course follow my adventures on twitter @lennyloveslife and instragram @lennyloveslifeblog

Lenny xx



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