Lenny loves….Adventures in Sydney– Part 1

Day 1 – Arriving in Sydney

Another 3 hour flight and we arrived in to Sydney. Jumping in a taxi we made our way to the Elizabeth Bay area of the city to our Airbnb apartment.

When we arrived at the apartment, it took my breath away, or more specifically the views did! We could see Sydney Harbour Bridge from the balcony and it was such an amazing sight! Our host Lynn was very welcoming, showing us around and then leaving us to get settled in.

After dumping our suitcases, we went and explored the local area, found a Woolworths, grabbed some supplies and some food from a local deli and headed back to the apartment to chill for the evening.

We’d had such a busy time in Cairns we sure needed this time to relax before heading out to explore Sydney the next day!

Day 2 – Exploring Sydney

We didn’t have any trips booked for Sydney, just ideas as to what we wanted to do whilst we were there. So on our first full day, we decided to walk and see where it took us. We ended up walking quite a way – through the Botanical Gardens and out at the Sydney Opera House.

I must say, stumbling upon the Opera House at the angle we did, made it look less impressive, it wasn’t until later on in our trip did we really appreciate the scale of it and its grandeur.

Again, it was another wet day, so we grabbed the best hot chocolate from the Guylian chocolate shop to warm ourselves up before continuing our epic walkathon across the city!

We went up to the Rocks, walked in to the city, down to Darling Harbour and back again – in the end we relented and got the metro back to the apartment, as the rain was really coming down by then!

Staying close to the apartment that evening meant we got to check out the local area eateries where we ended up in an Austrian themed place just below the apartment. We had an early night as we were heading out for a long day the next morning up to the Blue Mountains.

Day 3 – The Blue Mountains

Public transport in Sydney was pretty easy to get our heads around. Jumping on the train we headed off to the Blue Mountains which took around 2 hours. The trains are quite cool, they are double deckers and you can also change the way the seats face, so if you wanted to face the direction of travel and they were all taken you can just change them around! It was fascinating to watch people do this!

Once we arrived at the Blue Mountains we got tickets to go on the hop-on/hop-off bus service which goes around all the tourist hotspots.

It was a bit miserable on this day and I am pretty chuffed that I grabbed a waterproof jacket before we went to Australia, as it was proving to be my best purchase!

We spent all day jumping on and off the bus at various points, the main one being Scenic World, which is a Skyway, walkway, railway and cableway that gives you different viewings of the blue mountains. And boy what views, they were magnificent!

The railway is the worlds most steepest railway, with a 52 degree incline where you can control what degree you sit at, adding an extra 20 degrees to the angle of the incline! It was pretty intense and felt that you were going to fall head-first down to the ground!


The Skyway was probably my favourite, as it was a big glass cabin that went between two mountains, providing 360 degree viewing opportunities of the three sisters, a rock formation with an Aboriginal legend attached, based on three sisters and a love story. In effect they are three peaks which are amazing to view and you can also walk across to one of the points via Honeymoon Bridge, which unfortunately I didn’t get to do, but is definitely on  my list for next time.

The best place to view the Three sisters and get an amazing view of the Blue Mountains themselves is at Echo Point, where we also had a fantastic pulled pork toasted sandwich!

But nothing will detract from the most beautiful and stunning views that we got to witness, almost rivalling the Great Barrier Reef!

Check out Part 2 as we adventure to Bondi Beach!

Lenny xx




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