Lenny loves….Adventures in Cairns – Part 2

Day 5 VIP Tour on the Great Barrier Reef

Another early start ready to catch the boat to explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The Great Barrier Reef.

Once we arrived at Cairns Marina, we were introduced to the lady who would be looking after us for the day and she took us to the captains deck where we were given our health and safety briefing before starting out into the big old ocean!

We were served a lovely full english breakfast – not sure this was such a good idea on a boat, but it was delicious all the same!


The ocean was a bit rocky that day, but nothing too bad, and the sun shined for most of the journey, apart from a big downpour on the way back!


My original plan was to try out some scuba diving, and our butler (I shall call her this as I can’t remember her name!) was also a qualified diving instructor, went through the basics with me, got me kitted out and then we got to the diving deck on the boat and I started to panic!

The sea looked vast, and rocky, and I wasn’t sure I could cope with all that, as well as trying to breathe through the apparatus and follow all the instructions that were being given to me.

But I had come all this way, so I was going to at least give it a go, right?! Well, quite wrong, I got into the water, freaked out because I kept rolling over in the waves, the sea was coming at me from all directions, and I swear it was trying to kill me! So, I told my very disappointed instructor that I wanted to, no needed to, get out of the water fast!

So having managed to humiliate myself a little, I got back on the boat where I belonged and waited for our 2nd glass bottom boat tour of our trip.

Again, this provided us with some stunning scenery of the ocean floor and it’s beautiful creatures. It totally blows my mind that all of this is living below, its like a totally other universe!

Lunch was served, and boy did we have the cream of the crop! While every once else had to queue up at the buffet, we had a big fat juicy steak with salad and sides brought to us along with our drinks, definitely the way to do it!


We were completely stuffed after lunch, so we decided to use this time to chill out on the deck and catch some rays, although the weather had other plans, as about an hour into our sunbathing the heavens decided to open and didn’t really stop until we arrived back at the marina.

It was such a fantastic day and would definitely recommend the Top Deck experience from Reef Encounters.

Day 6 – Kuranda Railway

After a quick coach ride, we arrived at the Sky Rail that would take us up to Kuranda, a rainforest and village up in the hills of Cairns.

The skyrail took around 1 1/2 hours with the stopping off at the various points along the way. The views were magnificent from both the skyrail and the station points, as was the dense, lush rainforests all around.

We also got to see the Barron Falls, which were pretty amazing, even though we weren’t seeing it in all its glory (during wet season).


Once we had arrived in Kuranda, we went on the Riverboat Cruise along the River and managed to spot a wild fresh-water crocodile, which was so cool! You could really get a feel for how vast the rainforest was from the river.

Getting back on dry land, we went off in search of the Koala Gardens, to get a proper look at these cute creatures. This is also where I got my picture taken with one! They are incredibly soft, but rather smelly! The koala in my picture looks really out of it, but they aren’t sedated it is just their diets that make them like this and they literally sleep during the day as they are nocturnal.

Although they look and feel cute and cuddly, they can be quite viscous out in the wild and I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of one!

We had a wander around the village, and then headed on over to our awaiting train, for the journey back down. Again, treating ourselves we went Gold Class on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, which is a rather historical train track with immense views.

Arriving back at the station in Cairns, we jumped back on the coach for the trip back to Trinity Beach.

This was to be our last day here in Trinity Beach, as the following day we were heading into the main part of Cairns for a few days before making the journey to Sydney.

Trinity Beach is a truly beautiful part of Cairns, and I would definitely go back to spend more time there if I were looking for a nice quite relaxing time. Although hiring a car is pretty reasonable and the buses were quite frequent so we were in easy reach of most areas of Cairns.

See what we got up to in our 3 days in the city in Part 3!

Lenny xx



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