Lenny loves… The countdown begins!

So today was my last day at work, which also marked 10 days until I set off for my trip around Asia.

It was kinda sad to leave my work and colleagues, but it is hard to be too sad when I know I am off on this amazing trip of a lifetime!

It doesn’t quite feel real yet, and it still feels like I have loads to do, even though I don’t. I think it’s because Christmas falls in between and I am getting slightly panicky about having everything ready!

It has been a bit of a stressful few weeks, with Thailand changing their visa system in the last month, which has meant a trip to the Embassy in Birmingham to sort out an extended visa, absolutely crazy! I also came down with a horrible cold/flu bug after having my second dose of Hep B vaccination! But all these sacrifices must be made in the name of travel!

Here is a little run down of where I am off to on my travels:

Starting in Bangkok on New Years Eve! So excited about this, I can only imagine, although not sure my imagination stretches that far in relation to Bangkok!, what we are going to get up to on our induction evening, but I am ready for it (or I think I am!).

Indochina Discovery
Indochina Discovery Tour

                                                               source: gadventures.com

We then set off early to travel through Cambodia for around 7 days then enter into Vietnam where we travel up the country by various means of transport for around 13 days and enter into Laos by plane. We then spend around 7 days in Laos and re-enter back into Thailand going to Chiang Mai and then back into Bangkok. This tour is for 29/30 days and is going to be jam packed full of culture, history, food and drink!

After that I embark on my next trip…

Bangkok to Singapore
Bangkok to Singapore on a Shoestring Tour

                                                                 source: gadventures.com

This is a 14 day tour, but still very intense. We start off in Bangkok for a a day and then move down towards Krabi, where we get to spend 3/4 days exploring and chilling out on the amazing beaches. Then we travel across into Malaysia, starting off in Penang and working our way down through Cameron Highlands and into Kuala Lumpur. We are in Malaysia in total for 7/8 days, before ending the tour in Singapore. I have arranged to spend an extra day or so in Singapore and have hired a private tour guide to show me around the city, highlighting the need for culture, history and of course trying some local delicacies out!

My final journey is across to Bali where I embark on an 8 day Classic Bali tour.

Classic Bali
Classic Bali Tour

                                                                    Source: gadventures.com  

We travel through from the south of Bali into the central area of Bali, and then across to the east slightly, visiting Mt Batur. This is only a short tour, so I have also allowed myself some extra time at the end to discover a bit more of what Bali has to offer, as I have a feeling that I am not going to want to leave this Island! I have organised another tour with a local couple to visit more of the east of Bali, and then travel up to the North, where it is relatively unspoilt by tourists and a bit more relaxed.

Then I have booked a 5 night stay in Uluwatu, back down sort of south Bali, for a nice peaceful break before I come home on the 1st March!

So in total I will be away for 2 months! I am slightly nervous about meeting all these new people and being away from my home comforts, but I should have done this a long time ago, so I just have to throw myself into it and enjoy and make the most of every day!

I haven’t decided whether I am going to blog whilst I am away or save it until I am back, but I shall let you know!

I shall continue posting my Australia reviews until I go to keep you all occupied!

Lenny xx

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