Lenny loves… Oz Day 1 and 2 – Travelling

I have started this post over and over again! Most of my attempts have failed at getting across how long the journey was without sounding boring and me listing every step of the way there!

So here is my final attempt!

The journey was very very long! Around 21 hours to get to Cairns and 23 hours back, with a couple of hours layover in Dubai.

On the way there, the total travel time was way longer as we had to get to London Heathrow first, then once we had arrived in Sydney we had a 6 hour wait until our 3 hour flight to Cairns!

Nevertheless, we arrived in one piece and very much looking forward to all that we had planned over the coming 3 weeks.

Travelling to London we went with Virgin trains and decided to upgrade to first class as a treat, and also first class on the Heathrow Express as well, no idea why as it was only a 15 minute journey but hey, you live and learn!

We flew with Qantas the whole way and they were pretty great, even prior to leaving, they were really good in answering any questions I  had in relation to my booking. I liked the fact that they have a dedicated domestic terminal in Sydney, so we didn’t have to fight through throngs of people in security, we had our own mini security desk and check in area, then a bus over to the domestic terminal to begin our 6 hour wait.

Sydney domestic terminal is quite small, so there wasn’t much to keep us occupied, so we just sat and tried to get a bit of sleep!

Arriving in Cairns and getting to our accommodation in Trinity Beach seemed to take forever, and when I do get the chance to go back to Australia, I will definitely be doing a stopover for a few days somewhere, as it is really draining doing all that travelling in one go! Not sure how I am going to cope with all the movement when I am on my travels, but I am sure it will all be worth it!

The little igloo in Trinity Beach we found on Airbnb was perfect! So quaint and in a perfect location, 2 seconds from the beach! The Trinity Beach area is fairly small, which a handful of restaurants, a couple of shops and a very lovely beach!

Stay tuned to see what we got up to in Cairns, what we ate and where we ate it!

Lenny xx



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