Lenny loves…returning home from Oz!

For some reason this post has been sat in my drafts folder, despite me trying to publish it about 3 times!!!! So here is the long awaited post!

It’s been 3 weeks since I got back from Australia and I have had the serious holiday blues. It has taken me a while to start off my Australia posts as I have been thrown in to planning my next trip away, where I jet off on my travels for 2 months! Only 6 weeks to go! Arghhh!!!

Me and my sister had an amazing time, as is expected from such an awesome place. I was a naughty blogger though and forgot to keep a record of what days we did what and where I ate what, so my blog posts will be as good as what I can remember but maybe a bit jumbled up!

Hopefully over the next week or so I will get those down and out to you all, but just know one thing, if you ever get the opportunity to go, go! I know I will be revisiting this magnificent country as there is so much more to see and do out there.

I shall leave you with this picture, which pretty much sums my trip up…

Flying over the Great Barrier Reef #nofilter

Have any of you lovely peeps been to Australia, and what was your favourite part?

Lenny xx


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