Lenny loves…Today is the day we fly to Oz!!!

I cannot believe how quickly it has come round! Yes, today we are off to the Land of Oz!

I am all packed and ready to go, I think!!! Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve forgotten something?? I can’t shake it off, but I keep reminding myself that we’re not going to the depths of the Jungle, and whatever I have forgotten, as long as its not my passport and money, we can get when we get there!

I am taking along with me my Girl Tweets World Guide to Sydney, so I can check out a some of the places mentioned, especially the foodie ones!

Oh, and I saw this place mentioned in some magazine or other – Foodcraft Espresso – it sells these doughnut milkshake things of beauty called Tella Ball Milkshakes…and I am so having one or two!!

Tella Ball Milkshake

I don’t intend to stick to my Slimming World Plan whilst I am away, but I do hope that I don’t put on too much weight, as we do have lots of things planned (click here for my last post to see what we will be getting up to!)

I doubt whether I will get chance to blog whilst I am away, but keep an eye on my social media for any updates and of course, lots and lots of photos!!!

I can be found on twitter @lennyloveslife, on instagram at lennyloveslifeblog and on facebook here

See you all in a couple of weeks!!!! 🙂

Lenny xx




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