Lenny loves…One week to go to Oz!!!!



I cannot actually believe that this time one week today we will be jetting off to Australia for 3 weeks of life-changing travel adventure! It feels like only last week that I posted my one month to go post!

I am getting to the point where I am too excited to sleep and too stressed to eat. Well that last part was a lie, as this is me we are talking about, I don’t let anything get in the way of me eating!!

I am, however, slightly stressed, and a bit worried, especially about my sister travelling all that way for the first time. I think she is slightly worried too, but just doesn’t want to say anything.

My main concern is the flight length. It is a long old way to Australia and although we are going to be flying with an amazing airline, big shout out to Qantas and their customer service, they have been amazing, I am still worried that she won’t be comfortable/won’t enjoy the flight/will snore (only joking!). As this trip is for her 30th Birthday, which was a couple of weekends ago (post on that soon!), I want her to enjoy every part of this trip! Any tips on how I can achieve this, without paying an extraordinary large amount for an upgrade, would be great!

And boy do we have so much planned! We have booked quite a few trips whilst we are in Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef and Green Island being two, and a few others in between but we have kept Sydney a bit more relaxed, with lots of beach time planned in!

Next steps are to actually get my suitcase in better shape, as I’ve sort of just thrown everything in to it to see how much it weighs and now I need to put it in some sort of order!!!

Along with all this Australia planning, I have also been planning, and booking, my trips for next year’s travel adventure (click here for the news on that one!)

I have a feeling my brain is about to explode, but I cannot wait for the adventures that lie ahead!

I also need to establish what to take on my carry-on luggage – recommendations would be most welcome!

I will try and get another post up before we jet off!

Lenny xx



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