Lenny loves… A New Adventure



So, I have gone and done it, I have handed in my 3 months notice at work and I will be setting off on my travels in the New Year!

I am beyond excited!! I have ummed and ahhed about doing this for a while, and I have finally decided to take the plunge!

I am planning on starting my adventures in Thailand on the 31st Decemeber and plan on doing some group tours through GAdventures. They run a range of tours across the world and I am currently looking at which tours to do, but my initial thoughts are a Thailand Discovery tour and a Bangkok to Bali Tour!

I don’t think I am quite brave enough to venture out on my own, so the group tour offerings are quite handy, especially for a single girl! Once I have a few tours under my belt, I may, only may, go off on my own for a bit!

I will keep you all informed of my plans throughout the planning process and then of course, you will all be able to follow me.

Have any of you got any travel plans for the next 12 months? Would love to hear all!

Lenny x

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with GAdventures, I just want you to be able to share the journey with me fully!

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