Lenny loves…Gin!!

A couple of weeks back I attended an event at The Jekyll and Hyde in Birmingham to test out their Gin offerings and A la Carte Menu.

J&H 1

Now, I hold my hands up, I am was not a massive Gin lover, but the team at Jekyll and Hyde somehow managed to turn me!

The event was organised by the amazing Vicky from Brumderland and forms a series based on the 7 deadly sins, this one being ‘Greed’ and is centred around some of Birmingham’s amazing food and drink venues.

I arrived, said my hellos and made my introductions to the other bloggers in attendance, and then the Gin Tasting commenced.

First up was the traditional Gin and Tonic ‘G&T’. Upon my first sip, I already knew that this G&T was unlike those I had tasted before. It didn’t have that funny taste I always associate with this drink, and discovered that G&T’s could actually be very drinkable and refreshing.

Throughout the evening I learned that my dislike of G&T’s was not down to the Gin itself, but down to the tonic instead. Now I didn’t even know there were different kinds of tonic, and herewith the Gin lesson began.

We were then seated at our respective tables where the Gin masters produced a selection of miniature ceramic bath tubs which housed a lovely concoction named Madam Genever’s Bathwater which was a mixture of ‘Bols Genever, apricot jam, peach schnapps, rose syrup and lemon juice. This was really drinkable and came with these cute little glasses which you placed in the bath of liquor and scooped it up! A really sociable way to drink Gin!

Then the food started to arrive. We got to try two dishes; the Pan Fried Red Snapper, served with a Moroccan and Roasted Vegetable Couscous and the Wild Mushroom Risotto. All the items on the A la Carte Menu are infused with gin in some way or another.

I love a good risotto and this did not let me down. It had really good flavour and texture with the different types of mushrooms, fennel and artichoke.

The Red Snapper dish also had good flavour, and the couscous was giant couscous, which has a lot more bite than normal couscous and the morrocan flavours gave it a lovely sweet taste.

I would have loved to of tried the Guinea Fowl that was on the menu, as I’m quite partial to the flavour, but alas I shall have to go back and try it another time, oh the hardship!!

Once the plates were finished, the Gin kept on flowing. We were then given a brief history on Gin and were given the option to try a locally sourced gin ‘Langley’s’ or the more popular Hendricks. I went for the Langley’s having never tried this brand before. Again, it surprised me as to how drinkable Gin is. We were also given tastes of some other types of Gin, but due to the amount of alcohol consumed that evening, the names have somehow escaped me!

J&H 9

Although, you can be pretty certain that if you make your way to The Jekyll and Hyde there will be a gin for you!

I definitely  recommend the Gin Masterclass for a good day/night out and certainly recommend trying the A la Carte menu, which they do change every couple of weeks, and is served on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Gin Parlour itself has a very Old Gentleman’s Club feel to it, and is lovely, quaint and fairly small, only 30 covers a night. This gives it a real personal feel.

J&H 10

Once you have had your meal, I recommend venturing downstairs to try their other cocktail offerings (the Dr Hyde side) as these are amazing, having tried these on different occasions. Cockails such as the Lemon Bon Bon, the Love Hearts and The Fluffer, will give you an instant sugar hit!

They have also stared to open on a Sunday and offer Sunday lunch, which is certainly one to try.

Have you tried the offerings at the Jekyll and Hyde yet?

Lenny xx

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event and all food and drink was complimentary, however, all opinions on my own and I was under no obligation to write this post.


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