Lenny Loves…HHHO Round-Up



This month we have focused on Help Harry Help Others. Harry was an amazing young boy with a dream of curing brain cancer and helping others get better, despite the fact that he himself was dying from a brain tumour.

This month we have taken a look at this extraordinary young man’s work and how he has created a lasting legacy in the form of the Harry Moseley Family Centre at St Mary’s Hospice, which gives families the opportunity to be with their loved one’s whilst staying in the hospice in a private environment, along with the security of 24hr medical help.

We have looked at the way HHHO helps support individuals and families financially when they are struggling due to Cancer and also how they are working towards a cure for Brain Cancer.

Finally, as always, I have also gone into a bit of detail as to the variety of ways in which you can get involved with HHHO including becoming a Harry’s Hero and also taking part in this years HHHO Three Peaks Challenge in September.

Harry Moseley should be an inspiration to us all for the courage and bravery he had shown throughout his illness and his desire to help people even when though he is not around.

Harry, you are extraordinary!

For more information on HHHO then check out their website.

Lenny xx




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