Lenny loves.. Update on Slimming World

As you will be aware, I joined Slimming World back at the beginning of May. so I thought I would do you a little update as to where I am and how I am getting along with the plan and also a little update on my Personal Training sessions, which are now coming to an end.

So far my time on Slimming World has been a bit of a roller coaster ride! My weight has gone up and down like a yo-yo, but this has mainly been down to the bf’s and my birthday celebrations and then trying to get back on track.

This, like any other healthy eating plan, takes a good amount of will power, which is something I used to lack (and was regularly brought up by my ex-husband!). However, the other week, I somehow discovered this elusive power!!! And within two weeks I had lost 4 1/2 lbs. So far all together, with the ups and downs, I have lost 10 1/2 lb, with this weeks weight loss being 3 1/2 lb, which is the most I have lost in one week since my journey began.

I am still really set on losing 2 stone, in total, for when I go to Australia in October, but this is going to be tough – close to 1 1/2 lbs a week! I am determined to get as near to this goal as possible!

Along with joining Slimming World, I also enlisted the help of a Personal Trainer at my gym. I have really enjoyed these hour sessions every other week and will miss them now they are nearly finished. I may have to have a few more!

Ben, my trainer, has really pushed me and I have really noticed a difference in both my fitness levels and my strength. It has also helped my injuries from my car accident and also identified which areas need more help.

Like any diet or healthy eating plan, I don’t expect or want overnight results. Slow and steady does it for me and that way I am more likely to keep the weight off.

I will update you in a month to see how I am getting on with my target and maybe I will post some before and after pics soon!

Lenny xx


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