Lenny loves…Birthday Celebrations!

This post is well overdue! It was my birthday last month and along with birthday’s comes celebrations! Usually involving food and drink (this is me your talking about!).

My birthday fell on a Thursday, which meant one thing – a long weekend! Rather than go away for the whole weekend, me and the bf did a couple of little things to make the most of it.

On the Thursday we hot-footed it to Alton Towers.


The majority of the rides were open, after the terrible Smiler Ride incident that happened the month before. Obviously Smiler was still closed as was Nemisis Sub-Terra.

The weather was slightly on our side that day, as no rain appeared, although it was a bit nippier than we thought it would be!

Despite the heavy media coverage of the accident, it hadn’t put off the many school parties and individual groups going and having some fun!

We had a fabulous day out and stayed until closing, where we headed back home for some much needed rest! You don’t realise how much walking you do at these places!

Friday was pretty much a chill day, as the bf had to work in the morning due to an emergency and then his Mom broke her elbow! Ouch!! So I just caught up on some blog posts and youtube videos! We headed out for food in the evening, but  had an early night as we were off to Manchester the next day!

We travelled to Manchester by train and arrived to lovely rain! We checked in to the Malmaison Hotel, where we were given an upgrade! (fist pumping may have happened!) The room was lovely! I am a big fan of Malmaison and always come away feeling spoilt (see previous my London post here).

The beds are absolutely huge and the decor was very british, with a big  Union Jack flag illustration behind the bed.

Not to be deterred by the rain, we headed out to find some lunch! The rain did make it difficult, as we weren’t sure where we wanted to go and which way to head. So, we stopped off in Starbucks to grab a hot chocolate and log in to the wifi to find where to go.

We decided to visit the Alchemist on New York Street, but when we got there, they were having gas issues so we decided to try the one just off Deansgate, but that was really busy! We were starting to feel a bit deflated, and then we spotted the Lawn Club.

The Lawn Club is a really interesting building, almost like a log cabin, with some lovely outside space, for when the weather is nice!

We headed in and were seated within minutes and given the menus to browse.

Drinks were up first and I went for a Jayne Mansfield, a prosecco based cocktail served with havana rum, strawberry liqueur, lemon juice and strawberries and the bf had a mojito.


The food menu had a lovely variety of food, from small plates, sandwiches (hot and cold), salads and a range of hot food. We both went for a sandwich, with the bf going for a beef and horseradish baguette and I opted for a Lobster Roll, having spied this on someone else’s table.

Both were equally as delicious as the other. My lobster roll had huge chunks of lobster in and the beef in the bf’s sandwich was really tender and juicy. The coleslaw served alongside was really good to, and had some lovely flavours going on.

Once we had finished up our drinks, we decided to head back over to the Alchemist to try out their immense cocktail menu.

It was really difficult to choose which ones to go for, and I tried to be as adventurous as I could!

For my first choice I went for a White Chocolate and Raspberry Martini, which was raspberry vodka, raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice topped with a white chocolate foam! OMG – the white chocolate form was gorgeous – definitely requires a spoon as it got kinda messy with my fingers! The bf opted for a Bubblegum Mojito. Next up (I think!) we went for a flavour changing one and a colour changing one – yes those were their names. The flavour changing one starts with apple and raspberry and changes flavour throughout the drink and the colour changing one, yes you guessed it changes colour! Is it science or is it magic? Who knows!

Once we were suitably watered, we headed back to the hotel. We didn’t want a repeat of London’s efforts (i.e. falling asleep and missing dinner) so we headed down to the bar in the hotel for some more drinks.

The cocktail menu at the bar was just as immense as the one at the Alchemist! For my first drink, I went for  a Clover Club, mainly to see if it matched up to the one I had in the Edgbaston Cocktail Bar in Birmingham. It was good, but not quite the same. The drink consists of Gin, Lillet Rose vermouth, raspberry syrup, lemon juice and egg white.


The bf stuck with beer for the night, which was a wise choice, considering how bad I felt at the end of the night!

For my next cocktail, I opted for the Bad Boy, Good Girl champagne cocktail with vodka, fresh lemon, strawberry & rhubarb cordial, fresh strawberries and basil. I am a sucker for anything with rhubarb and this was a really nice champagne cocktail.

The final cocktail, I would like to be able to say of the night, but alas, at the Malmaison bar, was a Mai Kai Rum Barrell which was a rum based cocktail with orange, grapefruit, lime juice, honey, passion fruit syrup and Angostrua bitters.  This was probably my least favourite of the night, a bit too strong and sour for me but I drank it anyway!

At this point, I was fairly tipsy and getting a slight headache, so we headed back to the room for some water and a freshen up.

We then ventured out for a few more drinks before dinner. We did stop off at the Botanist on Deansgate, but I didn’t get to take any pics – it was very busy. You can see my review of the Birmingham Botanist  here. (hint, I had the Cherry Cola Drop in Manchester).

We had booked a table at Iberico in Deansgate for Dinner. The table wasn’t until 9ish and I was a bit worse for wear by then, so probably didn’t enjoy it as much. Despite this, the food was really lovely and I would definitely go again. The food menu has changed a bit since we went, so here are some pictures of what we had…

The food was really flavoursome, and in any other circumstance, i.e not being drunk, I would’ve happily sat there all evening and ordered lots more dishes.  The lamb especially was divine!

It was then time to go back to the hotel for a nice sleep in the big bed!

We travelled back to Birmingham fairly early on Sunday so that the bf could visit his Mom in hospital.

I had a really lovely birthday and look forward to going to Manchester again soon!

Lenny xx





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