Lenny loves… The Botanist, Birmingham

A few Saturday’s ago I had a lunch date with my little sister, who is notoriously picky when it comes to food.

I decided to take her to The Botanist in Birmingham, as I had not yet been and really wanted to go, plus they had chicken burgers on the menu, so I knew she would be happy!

When we arrived it was rather busy, but we were seated straight away and got stuck into the menus.


The décor is quite rustic looking, with the whole botany theme running through. Glass cabinets held trinkets and bottles, along with watering cans and plants being dotted around.

The cocktail menu carries the botany theme through well, with many of the cocktails featuring some sort of herb. My first choice was a Cherry and Sage Sling (Disaronno, cherry marnier, fresh sage, apple juice, cherry  purée, cranberry juice and fresh lime) and my sister went for a non-alcoholic cocktail in the form of a Watermelon Dew (watermelon, mint, lime juice and watermelon syrup topped with lemonade) both cocktails were really refreshing and the herbs weren’t too strong to overpower the flavours of the rest of the ingredients.


Next up we hit the food menu. There were quite a range of dishes to choose from including sharing platters, hanging kebabs, burgers, salads and fish.

We decided to go all out and aim for 3 courses and 3 courses we did! For starters we went for the Handmade Scotch Egg, Salt & Pepper Onion Petals and Chicken wings with bbq sauce. Just look at this feast!


It was all very yummy. The scotch egg had a runny middle and the meat was really soft and moist, however the piccalilli that was served on the side lacked a bit of flavour for me.  The chicken wings were lovely and juicy and had a nice crispy skin and the bbq sauce was full of flavour.

My favourite though had to be the salt and pepper onion petals. Good pieces of onion, with a really nice light crust, come batter on them. Heavenly!

For mains, my sister predictably went for the Chicken burger with extra onion rings and I opted for the Chicken Hanging Kebab.


The hanging kebab came out in all it’s glory on a metal hanging skewer with a pot of melted garlic butter and fries. The chicken was really juicy and tender and the vegetables were really good too. But oh the melted garlic butter! I was glad that I didn’t take up the waiters offer of pouring the garlic butter over the kebab, so that I could dip the pieces of chicken in and not lose a drop.  The fries were really fluffy and crispy and had a really good seasoning to them. I would definitely recommend this dish!


My sister announced that her chicken burger was really nice, although the bun was a tad dry, and again loving the fries. I didn’t think the side portion of onion rings were as nice as the salt and pepper onion petals we had at the start

Whilst we debating on what to have for dessert, we ordered some more drinks. This time I opted for the Passion Fruit and Basil Crush. Another Disaronno based cocktail, but this time with Drambuie, basil, fresh passion fruit, passion fruit syrup, orange juice and lime. My sister opted for another non-alcoholic cocktail called Cherry Cola Dip. I have had the pleasure of this one before (in Manchester), and it consists of fresh rosemary, cherry syrup, cherry purée, apple juice and cranberry juice topped off with pepsi. Botch cocktails, again, were really refreshing and perfect for a lovely summers day.

Pudding came in the form of a Strawberry and Marshmellow Kebab with Sailor Jerry (a spiced rum) chocolate sauce and Sticky Toffee Pudding. The strawberry and marshmellow kebab came out the same way the chicken kebab was delivered, on a hanging skewer and this time we opted for the waiter to pour the chocolate sauce over. This was a lovely sight to see, chocolate sauce oozing down over the strawberries and marshmellows and landing on the top of the ice cream and the bottom. The sauce really did pack a punch, but was very much a welcome extra.


My sticky toffee pudding was to die for. It wasn’t heavy like some sticky toffee puddings can be, but still really rich and full of flavour and the vanilla ice cream was lovely too.


After all that we were full to the brim! I will definitely be paying them another visit, at least, to attempt to try all there other cocktail offerings!

Have you been to your local Botanist? With 6 restaurants throughout the country, The Botanist is well worth a visit.

Lenny xx

*Disclaimer – I was not provided any remuneration for my visit or asked to do a review -this was all paid for from mine and my sisters hard earned money and I wanted to share my experience with you all!*










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