Lenny loves…July Charity Focus – Help Harry Help Others



July’s charity focus has a very touching story behind it and here it is… (taken from the Help Harry Help Others website)

“Welcome to HelpHarryHelpOthers – a campaign started by the incredibly brave Harry Moseley.

Whilst battling an inoperable brain tumour, Harry was inspired to make a difference to all people with brain cancer when a friend of his who also had a brain tumour became very ill. Within the space of just over two years Harry had organised and attended nearly 100 events to raise money for and awareness of Brain Cancer. He touched the hearts of the nation with his efforts and helped change the lives of everyone he met.

Sadly Harry’s health took a sudden turn for the worse following brain surgery in August 2011. On 8th October 2011, and after 14 weeks in a coma, Harry passed away peacefully at home in his Mom’s arms”

Help  Harry Help Others (HHHO) is based in my home city of Birmingham, and subsequently, I heard a lot about Harry’s story when he was alive and also when he sadly passed away.

This boy is such an inspiration, and someone I really admire, and that is the main reason I have chosen to highlight HHHO in the month of July.

As usual, these posts will look at the work of the charity and the different ways you can get involved, if you so wish.

If you want to hear more of Harry’s story then check out the video he made here.

I hope you enjoy this months posts!

Lenny xx

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