Lenny loves… Part 3 Jo’ Cancer Trust

source: redgoat
source: redgoat

Hopefully, you are all now clued up on what Jo’s Cancer Trust is all about, a little bit about Cervical Cancer and also feel a bit more at ease with the whole dreaded smear test scenario.

This post is now going to look at ways in which, if you so wish, you can get involved with Jo’s Cancer Trust.

#SmearForSmear is a social media campaign based around the good old selfie. We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge and the No Make-up Selfie, and how those took off, well this one is based on smearing your lipstick, taking a pic and reminding people the importance of going for their smear tests! Personally, I would love to see some men getting involved in this too! Keep an eye out for mine on twitter and instagram which I shall be uploading soon!

Why not get involved and take your lipstick smear selfie and post using the #SmearForSmear and also tagging @JoTrust and myself @lennyloveslife and of course do the obligatory friend nominations and help save lives!



Do you work in a Beauty Salon, or know someone who does, then why not get involved in Salons Supporting Screening. Like most of the work Jo’s Cancer Trust does, it’s all about raising awareness and getting us girlies to go for our Smear tests.

There aim is also to raise £5,000 which represents one pound for every life that is saved this year. Hopefully, with time, the amount of lives saved will increase by getting our smear tests done every 3 years (every 5 years for the over 50’s).

The campaign’s motto is to ‘make cervical screening your next appointment’. It literally takes 5 minutes, and why not reward yourself once you’ve had your smear test. Book the day off work and treat yourself to a pamper day, go on you deserve it!

Volunteering is another great way of helping Jo’s Trust. There are quite a few opportunities including organising a local support group to help those who are affected by Cervical Cancer, volunteering on their telephone helpline for a few hours, offering helpful information and support to those who need it or  even organising a local event to help raise awareness and funds, such as a good old cake sale or car boot sale.

You could even take part in a sponsored event such as their ‘Ride the Night‘ Women V Cancer bike ride next May (28th/29th May 2016). A 100km (for those who work in miles that’s just over 62 miles) and takes place in London.



The possibilities and ways to get involved are endless, but the objectives are all the same, to raise awareness of Cervical Cancer to help save the lives of thousands of women.

Remember to share your #SmearForSmear selfies with me at @lennyloveslifeblog on Instagram or @lennyloveslife on Twitter.

Lenny xx


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