Lenny loves…London Day 2!

Day 2

We were awake fairly early in order to get a good full day in London. We checked out of our gorgeous room at Malmaison, and left our luggage with reception and headed off for another lovely day out.


We headed towards Soho as my plan was to take the bf to The Breakfast Club, but like most good plans, it didn’t happen as the queue was out the door and round the corner! We decided to have a wander and see where else we could find and stumbled across a Bill’s Cafè.

It was technically brunch by this time, so I tucked into Eggs Royal (poached eggs, smoked salmon served with hollandaise sauce on a english muffin) and the bf went for their breakfast with the usual bacon, sausage, eggs etc. I ordered a pot of tea, which was huge and served in a lovely tin teapot.

The food hit the spot perfectly, with my eggs being perfectly cooked, although they could’ve done with being a tad warmer, and the bf’s breakfast being demolished with a satisfactory nod.

London Eye

The only request I had for our trip to London was to do the London Eye. After looking on the website prior to going, I was a bit shocked at the price. However, as we travelled down by train, I managed to get a 2-4-1 deal so it made it a great deal cheaper!


We were quite lucky, as when we arrived after having walked down to the banks of the River Thames, there were no queues for tickets and we only had to queue for about 5 minutes to actually get onto the London Eye.

It was great seeing the sights of London up high and gave a whole different perspective of this amazing city, although I was disappointed that you couldn’t see the Gherkin from up there.

The experience lasted around 20 minutes, which was just as well as I was started to feel a bit dizzy!

Once back down to earth we decided to wander along Southbank towards the Shard.


When we were in Soho the previous day, we got talking to young guys at the table next to us who recommended we go to one of the bars in the Shard to get a better view of London than the London Eye. We decided to do this, but walk along Southbank to get there, as it was such a lovely day, but boy what a long walk!

The Globe Theatre

It gave us the opportunity to see parts of London we wouldn’t of seen had we got the tube such as the OXO Tower and The Globe Theatre. We did stop off for a glass of Pimms and a beer at the Southbank Centre to rest our little feet.

Walking along the River Thames was a brilliant experience, with all the little food and drink vendors, there was a little village all on its own with places to eat and drink and boutique shops.

For ages, we couldn’t actually see the Shard, so just had to go with our instincts as to whether or not we were headed in the right direction, and then all of sudden there it was!

Gong, The Shard

The reception area at the Shard, is also the reception for the Shangri-la Hotel which lives in this magnificent building. To go with this magnificence were these fabulous flower arrangements which engulfed the reception area with such amazing smells, I could’ve stood there all day. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to stay there for the night! A girl can dream!

Having not done much research into which Bar was the best for views, when we arrived at the main reception to the Shard, we just asked for the highest bar, which was the Gong. After being politely informed that there was a £30 minimum spend per person, gulp!, we headed on up in the lift and were greeted with some stunning views across London.

Unfortunately, when we arrived there were no tables by the windows available, however as soon as one did become available they moved us without us requesting it, which was amazing  customer service.

Views from the Shard

Now, it wasn’t hard to spend the minimum required spend, but it did take a bit of decision making as to which cocktail to indulge in.

I can’t seem to find the first set of cocktails we had on the list, but here are some pics instead!

For my second drink I went for the Turkish Chinata. which was a fruit, wine and chocolate infused drink made up of ‘Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, Mozart chocolate, Barolo Chinato, salt, berry fondue’. 


I can’t say it was lovely, but it was different, and tasted similar to the chocolate wine I tasted at the Good Food Show!

The bf just opted for a beer for his second drink and we just sat and enjoyed the amazing views and lovely hospitality.

I would definitely like to go back to the Shard and maybe have Afternoon Tea at Gong or a Meal at one of the Restaurants. An evening view from those floor to ceiling windows could potentially be amazing!

By this time, we had to think about leaving and grabbing something to eat before collecting our bags and making our way back to Euston.

China Town

A bit of a minefield followed with the decision as to which restaurant to try. Having not really looked into any of the restaurants up in China Town, I was unsure as to which one to choose! In the end we went for one of the bigger looking once, that served the bf’s dish of choice, Crispy Duck, and mine, Dim Sum.

Couldn’t tell you the name of the place, food was ok, did the job, but  not a gastronomical experience. I would love to be able to do a bit more research for when I do go back to London as I felt that I didn’t really experience the best of what China Town had to offer. Recommendations, as always, are welcome!

Home time

Once we had finished our food it was time to head back to the hotel, collect our bags, and then make our way back to the mad house of Euston Train Station.

Unfortunately, no first class seats on the way back, but it didn’t matter as the train was rather quiet and we were pretty tired by this point.

We had an amazing weekend, and can’t wait to go back and see more of what London has to offer!

Where are your favourite places in London?

Lenny xx

*please note I paid for all aspects of our weekend away to London, no freebies or sponsorship, all my hard earned cash!!*

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