Lenny loves…Taste & Liquor Food Festival and Pop-up Street Market

On Saturday I headed into Birmingham to take a look at the first Taste & Liquor Global Food Festival and Pop-up Street Market, which was housed down on Lower Essex Street within the Gay and Chinese area of the city.   Food festivals are not a place for those on Slimming World, however I had to go and discover what this new up and coming festival was all about!

Based within The Nightingale Club, the venue offered much in the way of protection from the elements, which, this weekend was very much needed, although the rain held out whilst I was out.

I arrived around opening time, so it was pretty quiet, but within 45 mins it had gotten really busy!

So down the the food, as that is the most important bit!

First up for the taste test was Baked in Brick. I always find it quite fascinating how you can cart a brick oven around to food markets and create amazing pizza’s from scratch, and these pizza’s were amazing! 

 I tried the Beef Shin Ragu Calzone. Both the beef and the ragu sauce were so flavoursome, with the beef also being really tender.  I was really glad that I brought my wet wipes with me, as this was quite a messy pizza to eat with your fingers but well worth it! 

    Next up I tried some Arancini from NL Food & Events. Arancini are effectively deep fried risotto balls! I went for the blue cheese filling with a creamy mushroom and thyme sauce. Well, these were just gorgeous. The filling was piping hot, melty and creamy. The sauce was just to die for! It was so full of flavour, I could’ve just eaten the sauce by itself!

    A little wander around led to me discovering Trishul Raw Chocolate, where I purchased an energy ball. This contained so much goodness, don’t ask me to remember the ingredients except raw chocolate and berries! But the one flavour that does really hit you is rose. It tastes almost like a turkish delight, but in its purest form. All the products on this stall were dairy, gluten and soya free, with no refined sugar no additives and suitable for vegans, very healthy indeed – something to balance out the naughtiness!

   After this, I went back for more Arancini. This time of the sweet variety which were made with amaretto, apples and chocolate, and covered in chocolate and raspberry sauce. The guy who makes these wonderful delights is a master chocolateir, and boy did it show in the chocolate sauce, which I was kindly informed was made using the finest Mexican chocolate.

After having spent just over an hour eating and being almost in a carb induced coma, I wasn’t able to sample the other offerings on display including some rather nice looking jerk chicken from Mr Jerk, which was cooking away in these big oil drums.

 I also didn’t get to try some of the lovely looking waffles from Love Waffles who had some rather unusual names for the flavour combinations, with Divorce being one of them!!

I will definitely be visiting the Taste & Liquor event again, maybe in a month or so when it is more established. The event is held every Saturday from 12pm to 6pm down on Lower Essex Street.

Why not go and check it out for yourselves!

Lenny xx





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