Lenny loves…Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette

I have been lusting after this palette ever since it came on the scene, but I have held back in buying it given the fact that I already have two of the colours that are in the palette, Himalia and Subra.



But alas, I finally cracked! I was in Harvey Nichols in Birmingham and browsing the Space NK section, as that’s the only reason I go in there, that and the shoes, oh and the handbags, and occasionally the champagne!

The problem with such beautiful looking products, is that you don’t really want to spoil them by using them, however, I have used a couple of the colours so far and I will have to bite the bullet and use them more often as I really do love the formula of these eyeshadows.

left to right: Andromeda (Alabaster), Himalia (Shimmering Topaz), Glove (Navy), Sycorax – (Black), Subra (Black Orchid), Ursa Major (Chocolate Glaze) and Lysithea (Shark Grey).

Sorry that the swatches aren’t that great, trying to take pics on your arm with one hand is really difficult. For a much better idea of colours check out the Nars website here

I am undecided about the brush, it’s not the greatest when using the eyeshadows dry, so the jury is out on whether it is better when using the eyeshadows wet.

My favourite colour so far has to be Subra, which is described on the Nars website as Black Orchid. To me it is a lovely dark cranberry colour, I also like the Navy colour (Glove).

Are you lusting after the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette, or have you already cracked like I did and brought it?

Lenny xx



3 thoughts on “Lenny loves…Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I really want this, but I have been good so far, and not given in to my eyeshadow addiction, but no doubt I will be owning it very soon.


    1. I held out for so long and was hoping it would be really hard to get like quite a lot of the other bars palettes but it kept popping up everywhere i went and in the end I took it as a sign that it needed me as much as I needed it!

  2. I already own and love this palette. I need to get it out again to play with. I have used it on photo shoots with great results when wet x

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