Lenny loves…April Fav’s

April was a tough month for me, with lots of training for my 5k run, but I still managed to squeeze in a few new beauty products and some other favourites!


My first make-up favourite goes to the Rimmel Extra 3D Lash mascara, I think I saw this on Viviannadoesmakeup, but I watch so many Youtube videos, it could’ve been someone completely different. Anywho, I decided to give this a try and low behold it is pretty darn good!


It really gives lots of length and volume without being clumpy and spidery. I have worn this practically every day this month for my everyday mascara and think I will continue doing so, until a new one comes along and tempts me!!

My next favourite is another one from Rimmel, and it is their Match Perfection Fix and Perfect Primer. I am loving the texture of this primer, It is so soft and silky and really smooths my skin out ready for my foundation, which takes me on to my next favourite.


L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation, is gorgeous! The colour match is perfect and the texture is really lovely. It offers really good coverage and wear time. I have been wearing this for work all month and after a long day, it only needs a slight touch-up if I am going out in the evenings.


Another product that as been giving really good coverage this month is the Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream. The coverage on this is amazing! I have been wearing this mostly at weekends or on good skin days, but I have gotten away with it when my skin has been on its not so good days. It gets rid of redness really well and has a lovely flawless finish.


A jewellery favourite for you now, and I have been wearing this necklace from Accessorize for a couple of months. I love how delicate it is and that it goes with everything.  I generally always wear a necklace and tend to stick to a simple one for work and jazz it up at the weekends, so this has been my go-to necklace for work.


With my 5k training going on, I could not be found without my Ipod and a good old soundtrack.

ipod nanosource

I must confess for the majority of my training I was listening to The Saturday’s Finest Greatest Hits Album

So there you have it, another month’s favourites, mostly make-up, but hey a girls gotta look good!

Lenny xx

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