Lenny loves… St Mary’s Hospice Round-Up

st marys hospice


Another month gone, another charity covered.

As you will all know, to finish of this months charity focus, I did a 5k run on Saturday to help raise some money for St Mary’s Hospice.

It was also a bit of a personal goal too. I managed to do it in 44 minutes, which to all those super fitties out there will be really slow, but to me it was awesome, as it beat my time that I had been doing in the gym!

So as part of the round-up here is what I was raising  money for….

St Marys Hospicesource

St Mary’s Hospice have been providing vital care to patients and their families for over 35 years in a range of different ways. The Hospice is home to range of services including a 25 bedded unit, a Day Hospice, a Hospice at Home Service and a Community Palliative Care Team

It costs over £8 million to keep St Mary’s Hospice going, that’s £16 every minute!

Over half of the costs have to be raised by the hospice, which is a staggering amount of money, and this is something they couldn’t achieve without the kindness and generosity of the local community.

I also touched on the new Harry Moseley Family Centre, which is a multi-purpose space which offers a safe and private environment for both patient and their families. In enables families to be with their loved ones during a very difficult time whilst they receive end-of-life care, 24/7.

Family centre


Lastly, I touched on ways that you can get involved with the Hospice, ranging from shopping in their many shops around Birmingham, donating goods for the shops, donating your time to volunteer in the hospice or shops and then of course there is the fundraising.

Moonlight memories walk



The next big event for St Mary’s Hospice is the Moonlight Memories Walk on Saturday the 11th July with a 10pm kick off. You can choose to walk either 8 miles or their new 5 mile route which will start at King Edward’s Boys School, in Edgbaston. All are welcome to take part, men women and children (over 12).

Funds raised from events such as the Moonlight Memories Walk and the 5k Chocolate run goes towards things such as

  • Vehicles that are used to transport patients to be able to attend therapy sessions and services at the hospice cost £8.20 a day each to run.
  • A monthly cost of £12.50 to provide one nurse with a mobile phone to enable them to make vital calls to patients and other healthcare professionals.
  • £65 for a nurses uniform

Along with the more obvious services of:

  • A day spent at the day hospice costs £294
  • Receiving Hospice at Home end of life care costs £1,956 per patient.

St Mary’s Hospice offers an invaluable service to both patients and families, but they couldn’t do it without the support of the community.

Thank you for checking out this months charity focus posts and if you do want to get involved with the hospice then check out there website.

To register for the Moonlight Memories Walk click here, and they is still chance to donate to my 5k run here.

Check back on Friday for my next Charity of the Month.

Lenny xx

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