Lenny loves… Spring Seasonal Market

I know this is meant to be a beauty post, but with my run, beauty hasn’t been on the top of my list so here is a food post instead, which is always high on my priority list!

So last weekend, as the bf was in Malaga playing golf, I popped down to The Bond in Digbeth for the Spring Seasonal Market day.

It was so busy!!! I went last year and it is definitely noticeable how much the following has grown since then!

However, despite it being full of people, the quality of the food did not alter one bit!

I have a tendency to go mad at this type of event, like I’ve never eaten before or ever will again! But on this occasion I tried, and slightly succeeded in not over doing it!

So my usual stance at these sorts of events is to walk around, survey the area and see what’s on offer and then go in for the kill.

So first up, before all the goodies went I headed to the Bake stand. Now, as I am such a bad blogger, and due to lack of remaining stock and massive queues, I didn’t get to take any pics, but here is a pic of one of their goodies that I took at another event they attended to give you an idea of what the can do!

This picture says it all!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake! This picture says it all!

I can’t for the life of me remember what I bought this time around, just that it was goooooddd!!!!

Next up, I headed to Smoqued, who were offering some awesome tacos! They had 3 choices; Oak Smoked Pork Belly, Street Salad, Tomatillo Salsa, Coriander and Smoqued BBQ Sauce; Smoked Korean Beef Rib, Napa Kimchi, Coriander and Smoqued BBQ Sauce; Lamb Barbacoa, Street Salad, Lamb Bacon, Coriander, Chimichurri Sauce.

You had a choice of two for £6, and plenty of time to decide, change your mind and change your mind again, as the queue was long! Eventually, I decided on the Pork and the Beef.

Now I love me some Pork Belly, so I thought this one would be my favourite, but it wasn’t. Although extremely good and flavoursome, the Beef won me over! The flavours on this were outstanding and the beef was just so tender. I could’ve happily had 3 more of these!

Alas, I decided to try out some of the other options available. I won’t lie but my next choice was made on the length of the queues that surrounded me. However, trust me to choose the one item on the menu that they were just cooking more of so I still had to wait, but it was worth it.


I visited Delize Italiane to try their Arancino, which is technically balls of risotto deep fried. There were a few different varieties to choose from, but I really wanted to try the creamy mushroom one, which is why I had to wait. In the meantime though, I chowed down on the Feta and Parsley Arancino, which had a really fresh taste to it from the parsley and the feta wasn’t overpowering, which feta can sometimes be.

Feta and Parsley Arancino
Feta and Parsley Arancino

Then my mushroom arancino was ready, fresh and hot from the fryer. It was definitely worth the wait. I am a big fan of risotto anyway, so these were right up my street. I ended up with two, so I tried to save the other until later, but it got a bit squashed so I ate it!!!

Creamy Mushroom Arancino

I was so tempted by the Vietnamese stall, but I knew I would just be over doing it if I did. Instead, I had a wander round the crafty stalls, made a few naughty purchases, which I will be reviewing soon, and then headed back home to veg out in a food coma!

Keep an eye on the Season Markets website, facebook and twitter page, for their Summer Market date.

Lenny xx


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