Lenny loves…St Mary’s Hospice Part 1

Having worked previously in a hospice, I have a bit of background knowledge of how much work is required to keep these places going and also how much of a difference it can make to the patients, carers and their families.

st marys hospice

St Mary’s Hospice, based in Selly Oak, Birmingham, has been open for just over 35 years and provides a range of services to ensure that vital care can be given to its patients and families.

This post is going to give a brief overview of some of the services they offer and a little insight into how much it costs to keep these services in operation.

St Marys Hospice

Hospice Building

They have 25-bedded unit at the hospice, which includes single rooms and single-sex wards for privacy. This unit is staffed by a number of doctors, multi-disciplinary nurses and specialist palliative care consultants. Along with this unit, patients also have access to a range of treatments, including physiotherapy, occupational and complimentary therapy, hairdressers and counsellors.

Along with the bedded hospice, they also offer a day hospice service, which is the service I am most familiar with from my previous work. A day hospice offers benefits to both patient and carer.

day hospice

Day Hospice

The day hospice provides the patient with access to a range of therapies both medical and holistic, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists along with arts and craft sessions, musical performances and a nice cooked meal. For the carers, it gives them the opportunity to relax and regroup which is vital in the care of someone who is nearing the end of their life.

Hospice at home

Hospice at Home service

Another excellent service St Mary’s Hospice offers, is the Hospice at Home service, which has been in operation since January 2013. This service offers patients the opportunity to receive care in the comfort of their home, with a team consisting of a Nurse Manager, three Registered Nurses and five Healthcare Assistants all with experience in palliative care. The team and the service also works in partnership with Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust, working alongside GP’s, District Nurses and other care providers.

Education and Training

Education and Training

The last service I am going to talk about here is their dedication to Education and Training, which is vital in developing future hospice care. St Mary’s Hospice is committed to providing education and training, not only for the staff and volunteers at the hospice, but also extends this offering to other health care professionals. By doing this, they continue to enhance and improve end of life care throughout the wider community and within other hospice environments.

So, here comes the hard hitting part:

It costs over £8 million each year to keep the hospice running as it is today. With time, this will only rise. Broken down this equates to £21,918 a day and £16 every minute.

Broken down even further, into expenses that you may not consider to be important, but are vital in the running of the hospice are:

  • Vehicles that are used to transport patients to be able to attend therapy sessions and services at the hospice cost £8.20 a day each to run.
  • A monthly cost of £12.50 to provide one nurse with a mobile phone to enable them to make vital calls to patients and other healthcare professionals.
  • £65 for a nurses uniform

Along with the more obvious services of:

  • A day spent at the day hospice costs £294
  • Receiving Hospice at Home end of life care costs £1,956 per patient.

Over half of the costs have to be raised by the hospice, which is a staggering amount of money, and this is something they couldn’t achieve without the kindness and generosity of the local community.

Further details of how your money can help can be found here

If you would like to donate to the hospice, then click here or alternatively you can very kindly sponsor me as I take on the 5k Chocolate Run in aid of the hospice by clicking here.

My next charity blog post next tuesday will focus on the recently completed Harry Moseley Family Centre.

Lenny xx

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