Lenny loves…March Favs

A quarter of the year done and dusted!

With going away, alot of my March favourites are things I took on my holiday’s with me.

First up is Jungle Bite and Sting Relief Cooling Insect Spray! This was my savour on holiday! I rely on this wherever I go on holiday and also if I get any pesky bites in this country too! It works super-fast and really does stop the bite from feeling hot and itchy!

Bite and sting relief


I went from having no clothes to take with me to having too many clothes, thanks to trusty old Primark, and a few purchases from Booho.com.

I tried to be good when packing, i.e. not take too much, but to be honest, that was never going to happen, but I did manage to wear most of the evening stuff I took with me.

During my shopping spree I discovered that shift dresses really suit my body shape, and discovered a few beauties including this one from Boohoo.com.

Carley Floral Print Shift Dress

It falls just above my knees, which is rare for me, as I can’t stand my knees, but it looked nice, even if I do say so myself!

I do hope I get to wear some of them over the summer again, as it would be a shame to just save them for holidays!

The bf introduced me to this next one, which is slightly weird, but hey, we live in a metrosexual world now, right? It is the Imperial Leather Foamburst. This stuff is amazing! You only need a tiny little squirt and it lathers into a massive foam ball! We tried the Honey and Almond scent and the Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom scent, both smelt delicious!

imperial leather
Imperial Leather Foamburst

I am so in love with the Nars Dual Intensity eyeshadows. I have two singles and then last weekend I broke and brought the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow palette, post coming very soon, as I just couldn’t resist any longer!



I wore the colour himalia every evening on holiday, trying it out both wet and dry. This colour is just such a good base colour and gives me the option of blending other colours in the crease, or matching it with a coloured eyeliner.

My final favourite of March has to be guacamole!!! I love this stuff, and ate an obscene amount whilst I was on holiday. I have yet to  make this myself, but it is definitely something that is on my list to try this month!



What were you loving during March?

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