Lenny loves…Heart Research UK Round-up

I’m coming to the end of my first Charity Focus month, and I have really enjoyed doing it and finding out about Heart Research UK and the work that they do.

source: heartresearch.org.uk 

So a little round-up of what I have covered.

Healthy Heart Tips – these little snippets were done to help you make the change to looking after your little hearts and in the process lower the risk of any heart problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack and also decrease your risk of a stroke. You can do this is a number of ways such as eating healthy, exercise and giving up smoking! It would be good to hear from any of you who have made any of the changes recommended in the leaflets on the Heart Research UK website.


I also touched on the partnership between Hilton Garden Inn, Birmingham and the charity and talked about how such a partnership can make a real difference to the charity and the work they do, by raising both money and profile.

John Lloyd and Nicola Underhill
John Lloyd, Heart Research UK and Nicola Underhill, Hilton Garden Inn, Birmingham

Along with all the healthy heart tips, I briefly touched on how you could get involved with Heart Research UK, should you wish. Ways include taking part in a running or other sporting fundraising event, holding your own fundraising event and even volunteering your time.

I will be slightly changing the format of my blog posts, with Tuesday being my charity post day and another post on the 1st of each month launching the new charity, Friday will be a lifestyle post and then Sunday hitting you with a beauty post! So that’s three doses of Lennyloveslife a week! Aren’t you lucky!!

Let me know if you do decide to get involved with the work  Heart Research UK do and maybe I can cover it here on the blog!

Lenny xx


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