Lenny loves.. a holiday review

So I am back from Mexico and it was fanbloodytastic!!!

Mexico has always been on my list to visit, so off I went on my first trip of 2015. The bf had been to Cancun before but never to Riviera Maya so this area of Mexico was new to both of us.

We stayed at the El Dorado Maroma by Karima, a Gourmet All-Inclusive adults only for 11 nights of pure heaven!

2015-03-18 17.39.15 copy
El Dorado Maroma by Karisma – Hotel grounds

Our holiday and flight was with Thomson in their new Dreamliner plane, which boosts mood lighting to ensure that your “body clock is more in tune” and also the cabin pressure allows more oxygen to flow through the plane which leaves you feeling fresher when you step off.

As a treat, we upgraded to Premier Class, which gives you extra leg room, a fold away tv, premium meals and drinks along with an amenity kit, containing rituals lip balm and moisturiser which were a lovely touch.

I also pre-ordered some champagne and chocolates as another treat! Well why not, it’s not everyday you fly premium on a Dreamliner to Mexico is it!!

The flight was just over 12 hours due to a tailwind and a 30 min delay on the runway, but on the way back it was only something like 8 hours!

Arriving at Mexico airport is a bit full-on, long queues, more bag checks and a pressing of a button to see if they want to randomly search your bags! Having made it through alive, we got on our private hotel transfer to the hotel which was just over 30 mins away.

El Dorado Maroma by Karisma.

Getting from the main road to the hotel reception took 5 minutes in the taxi through a forestry area and we were greeted with a lovely cold towel and a glass of sparkling wine. The reception area was lovely and calm and relaxing, which really set the tone for the rest of the resort.

We were then taken for a little tour of the hotel grounds, and shown the bars, pools and restaurant areas and where the concierge was in case we needed anything during our stay.

Then we were shown to our room. My first thought was wow the bed is huge, how on earth am I going to get up there! Then was the view from the terrace area, which was a lovely small pool and a stones throw away from the beach!

Our room was the Deluxe Beach-front Room and it certainly was that! The view from the terrace was lovely and you could just make out the sunrise in the morning, if you were up in time. The bed, as well as being massive, was lovely and comfy, with the fluffiest pillows ever. We were even offered the opportunity to change our pillows when we visited the concierge along with room mist and fragrance! There was also a little mini bar which was filled daily with soft and alcoholic drinks along with some chocolate and nibbles!

Once we had our luggage delivered to the room, we went exploring ourselves. The resort was only small, but this enabled for a very personal service. We then sat down for our first, of many, cocktails.

2015-03-09 16.05.43 copy
Frozen Margaritas anyone?!

After the cocktail tasting we headed over to one of the 4 restaurants on the resort. For our first evening we went for the Italian Restaurant, Mio, which is all menu service rather than a buffet.  There was so much to choose from and we did manage to go through quite a few of the items over the 11 nights we were there.

Our first morning marked the first of many earlish starts as our body clocks woke us  up around 6.30am. Rather than sit around in our room, we took this opportunity to start of nice and early and headed for breakfast.

2015-03-18 12.12.46 copy
Sunrise on the final day!

There were two choices, either the buffet at Papitos or menu service at Mio’s. During our stay we alternated our visits, but we did perhaps visit Mio’s more as there Eggs Benedict was to die for!

We wanted to go on a few excursions whilst we were there, so we took the opportunity to visit Louis from Lomas Travel, who was so helpful and friendly and we booked to see the Mayan Ruins at Coba and Tulum, a boat trip to a little island called Isla Mujeres and some horse-riding. We went back at a later date to organise para-sailing, and didn’t actually get to go horse-riding due to a sunburn incident!!!

All 3 excursions were great. The trip to the ruins or Mayan Sites was really interesting as we also got to see a Mayan Tribe in a small village not far from there to see how they lived.

The boat trip was definitely the highlight. The crew on the boat were fantastic, as was the island we went to visit and we have plans to stay there in the future at some point.

2015-03-15 18.25.01 copy
Isla Mujeres

Para-sailing was run from a centre just next door to the hotel, which was really convenient and meant we got a bird’s eye view of the resort. Not one for the travel sick though as I did feel rather queezy up there in the sky!

2015-03-14 20.14.04 copy

We spent the rest of our time at the main pool area either relaxing on the sun loungers or cabana beds and also in the sun loungers which were placed on raised platforms in the pool, which were perfect for just dipping your toes in the cool water once you got a bit hot!

2015-03-09 14.24.15 copy
The pool!
2015-03-09 14.23.44 copy
Resident three-legged Iguana!

We had no problems getting a sunbed anywhere on the resort or on the beach, but there were quite a few early risers for the cabana beds!

The beach was fairly private, and although they were doing work out there, for some new over water rooms, there was no noise or disturbance from them. There was also butlers on the beach to fetch you your drinks so there was no need to move from your sun-lounger!

The sand was so white and soft, I loved the feeling of it through my toes! There was quite a bit of seaweed around, but the hotel worked tirelessly to clear this every day!2015-03-09 21.22.47 copy

We preferred to sit by the pool, as I am not a massive fan of the sea, something about not knowing what’s in there freaks me out!

So lets move on to the important part, the food and drink!

There were two swim-up bars which served a range of cocktails along with the usual soft drinks and beer. Their cocktail menu was small, but you could ask for any cocktail you wanted and they would make it. I discovered the delights of a Mudslide whilst I was there!

The food in all the restaurants was amazing, even the buffet restaurant was great! Our favourite had to be the Japanese Restaurant, Kiyoko. The food in there was just stunning! The bf hadn’t tried sushi before so it was a bit of a culinary experience for him, but he loved it!

We didn’t get chance to try the Caribbean restaurant on site as it was too busy, but we didn’t feel like we’d missed out as the food elsewhere made up for it.

We also had room service one evening as I felt a bit under the weather, and it was just as good! Also, when I normally go to all-inclusive restaurants I usually crave certain foods, but I had none of that here, they catered for my every foodie need!

The one thing though, that made the hotel stand out for me was the staff. Every single one of them were friendly, polite, smiley and couldn’t do enough for you! I wouldn’t even want to name them by name as they were all fantastic!

I would whole-heartedly recommend this place to anyone who wanted a bit of relaxation, to get away from it all and just chill!

If you’re looking for an alternative location in Mexico why not check out Amelia’s review on her blog xameliax.com

Have you booked your summer holidays yet? Where in the world is on your dream list to visit?

Lenny xx

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