Lenny Loves…Charities

Before my current role I worked as a Fundraiser for a small hospice and before that I did a lot of fundraising work for various charities that were close to my heart.

Events from the past year or so have slightly prevented me from being as involved as I would like to be in the charity world. I now feel it is about time I get back to doing something that I love.

With this in mind March will see the launch of a year-long project, which will involve highlighting the work of a different Charity each month.

I will be choosing charities that are either local to the Midlands or charities that mean a lot to me personally.

During the chosen month, I will write about the work that the charity does, how you can get involved with the charity and generally shout out about the work that they do.

Tomorrow will see the first featured Charity,  Heart Research.

If you are a charity and would like to be featured then please feel free to contact me. I am looking to cover both small and large charities alike.

Do you support any particular charity or do any charity work? I would love to hear from you!

Lenny xx


One thought on “Lenny Loves…Charities

  1. You are doing an amazing thing. I support Cancer charities, anything to do with the Blind as my son is partially blind, and Arthritis charities due to my illnesses, and you don’t see a lot of charity work being done to support sufferers of Arthritis.

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